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Take a look at the Mediterranean line from Gibus, with many fantastic outdoor solutions. 

Med Room

Gibus Med Room

This multi-purpose outdoor terrace cover can also serve as an outdoor room, depending on the specification chosen. This structure offers year-round protection from the elements, adaptable against sun, wind and rain. 

The retractable roof is made from fabric and operated using a motor which is remote controlled. The system can either be attached to a wall to create what we call a "lean to" system, or free standing.

Weather is no isue for a med room, as rainwater is drained away via internal guttering systems.

LED lighting and infrared heating are both available for med room systems.

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Med Isola Fly

Gibus Med Isola Fly

The Med Fly can also be either a lean to or free standing system. This unit is designed in a minimalist style and combines alumium, stainless steel and fabric beautifully.

The awning itself can be either mainually or electrically operated, and in the case of the latter it can have wind sensors attached to automatically retract the awning when winds are too rough for the fabric. The largest free standing dimensions are 7 metres x 7.1 metres, with the whole unit standing 2.54 metres tall.

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Med Twist

Gibus Med Twist

The third item we offer from the Gibus Med range is called a Med Twist. The Med Twist differs from the Med Room due to it's unique roof system, which consists of alumium blades that tilt and rotate up to 135° from closed, which allows fyull control of the climate within a Med Twist. Opening up the blades allows for a more nautral airflow, whilst they can be titled to provide shade. Full closed, the blades provide a water tight seal, with any rainwater channelled down internal drainage systems.

The sides of the Med Twist can all be filled, with blinds, glass panels or sliding glass doors. Alongside this, the Med Twist can be personalised via extras such as LED lights and heating systems. The LED lights in particular have a number of different settings and colours to choose from, or can be cycled through for an extra special effect. Insulated blades are another possibility, and there are even sun sensors to help with blade rotation throughout the day.

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Med Varia

Gibus Med Varia

The Med Varia is a system that is similar to the Med Twist in it's bioclimactic approach. It uses the same roof system as the Med Twist, however it differs in it's frame and more modular approach.

Whilst a Med Twist can become modular, the Med Varia is designed from the outset to be filled in rather than left open. It comes with zip closures built into the frame as standard and is constructed in such a way that you can combine shading blinds and windows to protect from both the cold and the sun at the same time.

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