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Commercial Awnings and Canopies

From shaping a beautiful outdoor space that showcases your brand in a positive light to creating a more comfortable and collaborative outdoor seating area for your employees and customers, our quality awnings are fit for purpose all year round and built to the highest standards.A new awning can breathe new life into your business, solving your shading and outdoor seating conundrum. Across the UK and Europe, many pubs, bars, restaurants, retailers and offices have created exciting opportunities with commercial awnings — elevating style whilst ultimately winning more business. 

Sunshade Awnings - Weather protection

Our retractable commercial awnings provide shade and shelter for outdoor areas, eliminating glare from the sun whilst protecting your staff and customers from rain, sleet, snow, and wind.

With a made to measure awning, you can enjoy a sleek, versatile, and convenient waterproof shelter, keeping your premises open for longer — encouraging more people to visit. Whether you’re looking to minimise glare from the sun, wish to create a collaborative outdoor space for your team to enjoy, or require a comfortable outdoor seating area for your guests, we can deliver the optimum awning solution for your business.

Retractable Awning for Businesses

Make the most of your outdoor space

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur with a café in the heart of the city centre or a seasoned hotelier with multiple properties across the UK, you can increase the number of customers you welcome through your doors — making the most of your uncovered, unused outdoor spaces. Providing shade for customers and staff by ways of a retractable awning, also unlocks exciting opportunities, such as seating dinner guests faster or introducing a new alfresco dining experience — giving you the edge over your neighbours! 

Maximise revenue

Most businesses experience a busy season and quieter periods throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to increase restaurant bookings, give customers more space when enjoying their drinks in your pub garden or simply wish to seat more guests all year round, our high quality, durable and beautiful commercial awnings are built to the highest standards, enduring the relentless, harsh and often unpredictable British weather.

Branded Awnings 

Add beauty and improve brand visibility

The main goal of the sunshade awnings is to deliver shade and shelter, but you can also make your business stand out from the crowd. A high-quality retractable awning adds an element of exterior design that takes centre stage, making your property look more appealing to customers.

Our awnings are available in a wide variety of colours and styles with the option to add your personal branding. This can help improve brand recognition and consistency and is a great way to advertise. Opting for a bespoke branded awning design allows you to advertise your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Full Cassette

This is an enclosed awning where the roller, fabric cover and arms are completely protected and stored in a closed cassette when retracted.

These awnings are the right choice for exposed installations and for anyone wanting maximum protection all year round and when the weather turns bad. The cover fabric will stay cleaner a lot longer if used sensibly.

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Semi Cassette

There are varying degrees of protection given by semi cassetted awnings as the casings from manufacturers differ in design.

Generally the protection is given from the top and the front only by an aluminium or steel coverboard. Where complete protection is not a requirement such as underneath a soffit these awnings can be useful.

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Open Cassette

The fabric is rolled up and the arms are retracted and it is all totally exposed. Due to this lack of protection the most suitable positions to install an open awning would be under large overhang areas such as soffits or eaves.

The mechanisms and roller tubes are left completely exposed to the weather conditions, but all are manufactured in aluminium as standard.

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High quality commercial canopies

Today’s cutting-edge commercial awnings can be perfectly adapted to suit different properties, showcasing quality craftsmanship, excellent build quality and outstanding design. At Commercial Awnings UK, we provide solutions for covering and protecting outdoor areas of almost any size with a retractable canopy system, built to the highest standards, using top quality materials.

Protect your outdoor furniture with a sun canopy

Prolonged exposure to sun and heat can cause irreversible damage to your outdoor furniture. If you have a variety of wood, leather or fabric furniture, an awning allows you to block the sun’s UV rays. In turn, your furniture is more likely to retain its natural colours and avoid sun fading.

Why choose Commercial Awnings UK?

We have over two decades of experience guiding customers through the most suitable options from leading manufacturers. The awnings we provide are designed to cope with more than sun protection. You can extend your outdoor seating areas, attract more customers, advertise your business around the clock and create a positive and harmonious social environment.

As a family-run business, we take the time to understand your requirements to offer the best solution. To learn more about us to request a quote, please contact our friendly team today on 01933 448854.

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