Awning Fabrics and Materials

When choosing an awning for your home or business, it is vital that you choose a quality fabric. The fabric of your awning is not only intended to be decorative but also extremely functional. Opting for a high quality material will increase the life span of your product by offering a high level of protection against many of the elements such as the sun's UV rays and rain.

Markilux developed Europe's first fully synthetic awning fabric in 1961 and have been forging a path that others could only try and imitate ever since. Markilux claim to look for inspiration in nature for new ways to raise the bar again and again for their customers, and are currently incorporating the effect of the lotus flower into their sunvas and sunsilk SNC fabric.

Specially selected high-tech polyester yarns are coloured in their dye works to the highest possible standards at their on-site textile factory. They are then turned into gorgeous fabrics and textiles using pioneering computer-controlled machines.

Every fabric Markilux produce is resistant to water, dirt, grease and even oil, allowing the material to the maintain it's incredibly high standards of colour and vibrancy.

All of Markilux's fabric production process is handled internally, which means production is highly flexible and delivery times are shorter. 

For more information on the Markilux colour range, check here

Weinor meanwhile have a hugely diverse range of fabrics to choose from, and high quality pigments are stored in every single fibre, resulting in excellent colour fastness and high UV ray resistance. From True Colours, designed to be as vibrant as possible yet still designed to last, to Soltis, a high-tech fabric designed by Serge Ferrari, with micro-pores that make it particularly air-permeable.

An incredibly ecologically friendly company, Weinor have banned the use of heavy metals from their powder coating process and paints and regularly have their process checked by experts. 

Alongside this, they are similarly resistance to dirt, oil, water and more. With well over 200 fabric patterns to choose from, the broad range of options ensures you will find what you are looking for.

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