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Solutions for commercial shading and shelter

Whether you are a business or other kind of organisation, Samson Commercial Awnings will have a cover or shading solution that will suit you, and allow you to expand by bringing the outside in.

In this part of our site we explore the options available for a variety of organisation and business types, with examples of how others in your field has used awnings, umbrellas, parasols and the like to imrove their situation and environment, benefiting their staff and their customers in the process.

Pubs, Bars and Restaurants are undoubtably one of the most obvious uses for our systems, and many other businesses in this sector have already invested in such products. With shelter from the rain an obvious concern in the British climate, being able to seat people outside comfortably even in wet weather is crucial to maximising your space. Awnings, large Umbrellas, retractable roof systems and glassrooms are all fantastic solutions to this problem, whilst making a real statement.

Schools, colleges and nurseries are a sector that seems to be increasingly realising the benefits of our systems. OFCOM has stressed recently about the importance of outdoor learning areas for young children, and this is something that is vastly improved by the use of shade and shelter. Umbrellas and awnings are useful for recreational areas as well as shading windows to prevent rooms from over heating in the summer, whilst retractable roof systems and glassrooms are ideal for outdoor learning areas.

Bar Azita Awning Park Plaza Hotel Louvred Roof

Shops and retail is another area that is already quite popular. Awnings provide an easy way to allow shelter for those looking in the windows, whilst cooling down the shop during the summer. Alongside this, because they are easily branded, it allows you to extend your presence on the street and be more easily noticeable.

One area that we have seen considerable growth in recently is offices and workplaces. As companies try to make their offices and premises look nicer and feel like a more enjoyable place to spend time, they have realised that allowing their employees a nice looking and relaxing outdoor space provides a big boost to employee morale. In busier places, this can often mean rooftop areas, and for those with more space this can mean garden or outside areas.

Finally, hotels and leisure centres such as gyms or sports clubs are another growing sector. Hotels of course often have outside areas for people to get fresh air or maybe for dining, whilst gyms and sport centres often have spectators or outside excersize areas, and cover for these is much needed.

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