Covered Outdoor Seating and Dining Areas for Restaurants

Syncra 2 restaurant

Al-fresco dining spaces can create a new moneymaking opportunity for your restaurant or cafe. What may currently be a relatively unused space can be revitalised with the introduction of an awning or parasol, for example.

Whilst different products are naturally suited for different purposes, we believe all of these products on this website are suited for restaurants, and can be used to create outdoor dining spaces during nicer weather conditions. Increasing the number tables your restaurant can cater for can potentially increase the number of people served, and vitally increase your revenue.

These spaces double as powerful advertising platforms. A restaurant or cafe bustling with happy customers creates an appealing visual that draws in potential patrons. Additionally, awnings, umbrellas, and pergolas can be customised with the restaurant's logo and branding elements, enhancing brand visibility and recognition among passersby.

Outdoor spaces also double up as advertising spaces, increasing the visibility of your premises. Having an outdoor space full of happy customers will work far better than any advertising campaign at attracting new customers and passers-by. On top of this, awnings and umbrellas themselves can be adorned with logos and branding, which can improve the recognition that your business gets.


Outdoor Canopies for Restaurants

Opting for an outdoor canopy cover for your restaurant gives you the versatility to host events and functions outdoors. This opens up opportunities to attract large groups of people, potentially introducing an entirely new customer base to the restaurant. Events held in these spaces can create lasting memories for diners, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

marklux 6000 outdoor seating

Outdoor Heating and Lighting for Restaurants and Cafes

Heating and lighting options are available to further increase the times at which your outdoor space can be used and increase your daily takings as a result. During the summer, outdoor dining is enjoyed across the country, and can be the difference between your restaurant and another. Alongside this, it also helps to shelter customers from the rain, enabling this to be used during showers on otherwise warm days.

In areas where there are multiple restaurants or cafes, standing out is key, so creating an inviting and stylish outdoor space could be the factor your premises needs to succeed.

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For dining applications, we suggest an MX-1, a Pergola, or a Syncra. 

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