FreeStanding Awnings

Free standing awnings offer all weather protection solutions. They are often needed in situations where there is little or nothing to install an ‘extension’ type product to. In many areas requiring outdoor shade or weather protection, such as a large courtyard or L shaped section at the rear of a property, we encounter varying eaves heights for the roof and guttering making extending out from the building impossible.

Quite often many older properties have already been extended with a single storey coming off from a double storey, and this means we don’t have the necessary height or fixing points for a sizeable canopy or retractable roof system to be specified.

Commercial Awnings UK offer a vast choice of free standing solutions, from a centre pole umbrella through to a stand alone ‘Med Room’ type system, which effectively is a complete outdoor room with a single or multi part retractable roof system and built in rainwater guttering and various options for closing some, or all the open sides up with vertical blinds, sliding glass doors, etc…                    

All our systems are made to order and in almost any shape, colour or size too.


Markilux Syncra

The Syncra is a perfect solution to provide any of the retractable fabric awnings for a building when there is nothing substantial to fit to or too many obstacles.
It is the Syncra frame system with the in-ground fixture or the surface mounted ballast boxes to provide stability and then a choice of any of the Markilux awnings up to 7 metres wide in one section. Maximum projection for a retractable awning is 4 metres and this is limited to a few models only.

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Vortex Umbrellas

The Vortex is an umbrella that you really can leave out all year round, performing as an excellent and large promotional banner for your business as well as providing shade and rain cover for your customers in every weather that anyone would want to be outside in.

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Gibus Med Systems

The Gibus med system range is an all-aluminium structure that has a retractable fabric roof, and contains both built in rainwater guttering and a framework capable of supporting multiple options to close the sides, making this a truly all year round solution for both commercial and domestic applications. Create a beautiful and exclusive stand alone ‘outdoor room’ using an existing outside area with the flexibility of opening up the roof and sides in finer weather.

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Markilux Markant

The Markilux Markant is a multi purpose outdoor terrace cover or outdoor room depending on how it is specified, but will offer mostly all year round weather protection in rain, wind or sunshine. The principle is simple,  they can either be mounted against an existing wall structure or free standing units installed onto a suitable base.

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