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What is a Side-Arm or Drop-Arm awning?show

A Side-arm or drop-arm awning has arms on each side which can be set to extend horizontally or straight down for optimal privacy and coverage. 

The design also allows the awnings to be retracted fully. This type of awning is very commonly used for windows or doors

What is a butterfly awning?show

This is a generic term for goalpost steel or aluminium structure with two awnings fitted at the top which when extended form the shape of a butterfly wings providing weather protection whilst being free standing

The butterfly awning principle has been around for years, but only recently has the product been manufactured to a suitable level of strength to provide more than just sun shade with no wind or rain.

Many years ago we sold these butterfly systems but only as sun shading systems in commercial applications as they were not the most attractive of structures and had no great strength to stand up to windy conditions or rainfall. With massive leaps forward in technology and materials we can now happily install systems capable of providing covered areas up to 12 meters long and eight meters wide.

Stronger retractable awnings and tested framework systems manufactured from large aluminium profiles, all beautifully finished in a choice of tough modern paint finishes, provide a great solution for a free standing outdoor cover for commercial or domestic use.

The Markilux Syncra provide the basis for a selection of different awnings to be installed with different specifications depending on factors such as projection required, built in LED lights, full cassette covers, and so on.

The framework systems are strong enough to enable the installation of additional lighting and heating systems at a later date.

These large frame work systems are best installed onto a decent concrete pad, but also have options to use large weighted blocks at either end which also can double up as extra seating with timber cladding or other covering options.

What sizes are the retractable patio awnings available in?show

Most of the retractable patio awnings we offer are available in any size, made to order, up to the maximum width for each model.

The Markilux awning will produce a retractable self-supported awning up to between 6500 and 7000mm wide in one complete cassette and fabric cover. Over this size and generally up to a maximum width of 14000mm wide the awning will be what is called ‘coupled’, which means the awning is 2 covers and 2 sets of arms and mechanism, but all operating in synchronization and with one motor drive unit.

The maximum projection for a self-supported patio awning is 4000mm, and if you require further cover than this the fabric cover has to be supported at the sides and front for stability the Markilux Pergola is the classic example for this with aluminium side channels and 2 support posts at the front meaning a maximum projection of 6000mm is achievable, and with the extra side channel support provided when using the ‘zip’ system you will have a far more stable fabric cover in windier conditions.

All the awnings we supply are made to order in the widths to the millimetre, but tend to have projections in 500mm increments up to the maximum 4000mm.

What is the largest size for a retractable roof system?show

There is no maximum size as most of the systems are designed to bolt to one another to have as wide a coverage as required. There is a maximum projection however.

Most of the automatic electric retractable roof systems we install can bolt together and use intermediate rain guttering systems when required feeding the water into the front channel. The maximum projection would be due to a combination of the size of the fabric roll and the fact that any terrace cover or canopy needs a pitch for the rainwater to drain properly and you cannot simply keep going down and outwards otherwise you would hit the floor.
You can however install 2 units back to back and create a gable shape like a normal roof and deal with the rainwater as required depending on the proximity to a building, although many of the systems will stand alone if required away from a building.

Take the Pergola 210  systems for example. It is a fabric roof system that retracts fully and uses an aluminium framework system to provide the basis for the system and enable the fabric to run in the side channels and increase fabric tension for higher wind and rain ratings.
The largest projection for most of the domestic systems is 6 metres but the widths can go up to 7 metres in one cover, or ‘field’ as it is called, but then you simply bolt systems together to make the width as long as required. You can also bolt 2 systems back to back to form a gable shape with the two 6 metre projections making a 12 metre cover but with limitless widths.

The commercial systems we offer for restaurants, cafes, pubs, and other types of business where outdoor areas are used as well as the indoors can of course be designed as larger bespoke systems with unusual shapes and limitless sizes, again with a limit however on the projection just like a normal roof would have, especially as a 10 degree pitch is recommended to aim for to ensure the rainwater runs off without damage.

For normal retractable self-supporting awnings the maximum width for a couple of models we offer is 14 metres with a 4 metre projection. A large covered area of fabric by any standards.

What awning system is best for sun and rain protection on my patio?show

Over the last few years the arrival of several patio and terrace cover products have been specifically developed for dealing with rain and higher winds which unfortunately we have to live with in the UK.

Traditional retractable patio awnings supported only from the wall of a building can really only ever deal with relatively low wind speeds and light rain unless the cover is pitched at a very steep angle and even then careful management is required, particularly on much larger awning sizes. The fixings to the wall itself are also very important as the stresses can be extreme when the awning is pitching around in the wind.

In the rain imagine an awning cover 6 metres wide and 4 metre in projection and the potential extra weight put onto the awning cover with a sudden cloud burst of rain. All these factors need considering if your awning is to be particularly large and used in light rain.

However the real solution to provide cover that can be used most of the year round is to look at our range of front supported and side tracked retractable awnings. These retractable roof awnings use all the same high quality fabrics, but have side channels and front leg supports to enable much larger projection sizes with the added benefits of the fabric being able to be supported at the sides as well by a ‘zip’ feature.

The Pergola system provides a high quality fabric retractable roof up to 6 metres in projection and up to 7 metres wide in one section, and wider using coupled units.

All these retractable roof systems are electric operated mainly due to the size and the power required to extend the fabric as the fabric is under such tension in order to provide the tightest and flattest of covers when extended.

All the systems are made to order with a choice of framework colours and hundreds of fabric colours.

What are the electrical requirements for a patio awning?show

For a normal retractable patio awning the electrical requirement is minimal.

A normal domestic patio awning requires a standard 13 amp domestic plug or fused spur internally or an armoured weatherproof plug externally.  Quite often for installation the power is taken from the first floor in a house as the height of the awning tends to put it at this level, making it easy to go through into the room and take the power from the nearest socket available.

Please remember adding an infra-red heater always requires its own circuit from the fuse board.

Modern legislation means only a fully qualified electrician can provide a new plug in your home.  This is even more important with outdoor power supplies. Our fitting and labour charges reflect our limitations, if we did retain an electrician we would have to charge a lot more.

How do I fit an awning if we have down pipes in the way?show

Rainwater downpipes are of course present on almost every house and when they are in the line of where an awning is required you usually have 2 options.


Your first option if the downpipe is only in the way of the awning by a small amount is to get the downpipe redirected to the side at higher level, leaving a clear space where the awning cassette is to go.

The second option is to use a pipe bracket spacer system. These are very sturdy box section brackets made to order and fitted to space out the awning the required depth, which varies from different pipes in Upvc, aluminium or older cast iron types. They can also be used for other obstructions such as chimney breast protrusions, fan outlets and other items.

We ensure there is a bracket fitted at every required key point depending on the size and model of awning ordered. Once installed there will obviously be a larger gap down the back than normal, and this is sorted with most higher end awning manufacturers using an aluminium profile section fitted to the top of the awning cassette and sealed back against the wall to make sure all the rainwater is directed to the front.

Brackets and top cover profiles are always matched to the same colour as the awning cassette chosen.

Do you provide systems that can cover very large areas? show

Yes we do, in fact it is almost possible to say the sizes are infinite for some of the products but of course there are some sensible limits…


We get asked for fixed or retractable roof cover systems for some very large areas regularly but other factors always come into play when the area to cover is very large. One of the main problems on large areas is having either sufficient building to fix to if the system is to protect and extend an existing area next to a building, or having sufficient height on the building, or in the case of a standalone system ensuring the height required to ensure rainwater dispersal does not affect the aesthetic too much. With most fabric roof systems the recommended pitch for rainwater dispersal is 14 degrees or more, and of course on large projections this can mean the high side is very high if you are starting from 2 metres on the low side.

Retractable Fabric Cover Systems

Most retractable fabric cover solutions will have a maximum projection of about 7000mm, but more like 6000mm for most. This is only for systems where the fabric is extended and supported by side channels with support posts, and again the maximum width is usually around 6000mm in one unit but because you can bolt units together you can continue indefinitely. Turn the system around and bolt it back to back and then you can create a gable roof with a cover width of up to 14 metres and any width at all. All this is possible with the correct support framework and foundations.

The Markilux Pergola performs very well in this sector of the market, and provides high quality solutions to covering large areas, whilst also having the ability to retract the roof when not required or in the winter months when the facilities may be closed.

7 metres is always about the maximum width for one field after which the units become ‘coupled’ and have 2 covers, but maybe just one motor drive unit to operate the 2 fabric covers together. So after the 14 metre maximum width it would be necessary to bolt another system to go wider.

What happens to a retractable awning in strong winds or a storm?show

Retractable awnings should always be closed when not in use and certainly if you are leaving your home. 

However if they are left out in a storm, there is always a solution if the awning is electrically operated…

For almost any electric operated awning we suggest a system to ensure the awning retract by itself if the wind speed gets too high. There are two ways of doing this; firstly by using a wind sensor which is very much like a generic weather sensor with a spinning windmill type system, usually required to be wall mounted and sensing the speed of the wind in a traditional fashion by the speed at which the 4 little arms with cups at the end spin around. The only trouble with this system is that it senses wind speed wherever it is mounted, but does not necessarily know that the awning is absolutely fine as the wind is completely sideways and not actually affecting the awning too much. A wind speed sensor can easily be mounted in the wrong place to detect wind speed but not if that wind is upsetting the awning cover at all.

The second method is far better. The ‘Vibrabox’, as referred to by Markilux, is a sensor that is fixed into the front section of the awning and it senses the motion of the awning cover. With three different settings of sensitivity, this system will retract the awning once the front starts to move around too much.

This is a better system as lighter winds with buffeting effects can move an awning cover more than a stronger, but stable, steady wind coming from only one direction consistently will.

All self-supporting awnings are sold with the understanding that common sense is used at all times, just like you would not leave your sunroof open on your car in a storm! The use of modern sensors does provide some comfort that your awning is safe when the weather suddenly turns, and just like the wind sensor you can also get sensors for bringing the awning out in sunshine and closing it in rainfall too. A manual awning of course completely relies upon the user for its position in various weathers.

A Vibrabox typically adds around £100 to any awning and is worth every penny we think.

Wind support can also provide better stability in higher winds by providing what is simply a pair of extendable steel poles with weights at the bottom, the top of the poles are designed to attach to the front bar of the awning and hold it steady more than if it is free floating.

Other options are available to provide the floor fixing, rather than just weights, but it all goes towards making your awning far more usable all year round, albeit still with the proviso of ‘sensible’ use when the weather turns nasty.

How can I prevent the annoying wind down one side of my patio? show

All outdoor areas will suffer from a prevailing cooler wind in the evenings and there are a few ways to tackle this. When you are sitting outside in the spring, summer, or autumn, there is a good chance you will always have a cooler wind that begins as the sun goes down, unless your garden or patio area is already completely enclosed by high walls, trees, or bushes.

Many times we install a fixed or retractable patio roof system, and then have to return to install another product to prevent the cool breeze in the early evening. The easiest system to install if you are directly next to a building is a pull out side screen awning. The simple principle is a spring loaded cassette, manufactured for aluminium with a retractable fabric screen inside that can be pulled out and secured to a bracket affixed to a post or another wall. The pull out screen is usually available up to 4000mm wide and available in various heights up to 2500mm high.

The screen is very effective for deflecting a reasonable wind from one side and this system is often an additional product purchased with our Pergola type system, specifically used for spending more time outdoors most of the year round.  Other options depend on the cover system already installed, and whether it has sufficient strength to take additional items being fixed to the framework. Of course in the case of a retractable awning there is nothing to fix to, so this does mean that additional protection to the sides and front can only be added to awning systems with their own fixed frameworks.

What types of sun shading products do you offer?show

Markilux is dedicated to craftsmanship. These specialist dealers are experts when it comes to the sale and installation of awnings. We have retractable pergola fabric roof systems, up to very robust, high wind class framed structures that can stand alone, with guttering and retractable roof covers that provide a completely dry area under.

Our retractable patio awnings are the finest available in Europe with design, durability, and style as standard, and all of our awnings are made to order to maximise your outdoor space potential.

See the Markilux awnings for the best in this field.

We like to offer products that truly are designed, wherever required, for all year round use in the very diverse UK weather systems.

Our awnings truly are the very best you can buy, made to order every time, with over 200 fabrics to choose from, all manufactured with the very latest fabric technology.  All the casings, framework, and major structural elements are all made from high quality aluminium for the longest life span and this also enables very high quality finishing detail.

We can take a balanced view on any requirement whether it be domestic or commercial and mix and match products to suit.

We also offer a very wide range of the highest quality umbrellas, centre pole supported or cantilever side supported in a massive range of sizes, shapes, and colours.

A wide range of shade sails also enable sun shading over large areas with a lot of flexibility in usage.

We offer systems for commercial or domestic use.

Why is the Markilux fabric covers so good?show

Markilux are one the largest manufacturers of retractable awnings in the world and invest most of their time and efforts into new technology. Their fabrics are no exception.


The fabric cover choices for the entire Markilux range of awnings and terrace covers are far more advanced than others, to the point that for 2013 they have dropped the acrylic range of fabrics as they were to be practically banned in 2014 for reasons of emissions and manufacturing processes not being environmentally friendly, a forward thinking move. The ‘Sunvas’  ‘Visutex’ and ‘Sunsilk’ fabric ranges offer colours and patterns like no other awning, and when you are having a large area covered this is probably the single most important factor to your choice. The mechanics and electrics in a Markilux awning are also the best you can get anyway.

See the Markilux fabric range here

With the purchase of a Markilux awning cover you have chosen a high-class quality product. All fabrics are manufactured on state-of-the-art weaving mills. Meticulous checks also ensure that we only ever supply functionally flawless covers.

However, awning covers do not only serve as effective protection from the sun. They also have a decisive impact on the colour ambience and hence the atmosphere created under the awning. For even greater enjoyment of the colour provided by the shade of an awning, Markilux has created an extensive collection of more than 250 fabrics made from innovative, high-tech polyester yarns.

The certificate “Öko Tex Standard 100″ guarantees that no harmful dyes or chemicals were used in the making of Markilux awning covers.

Effective protection against UV radiation.
Due to the increased strength of UV radiation, healthcare during our leisure time is gaining in importance. Therefore it is important to know just how many harmful UVA and UVB rays will pass through the cover when purchasing an awning. Markilux fabrics in dark colours afford 100 per cent protection. Lighter colours (right through to plain white) stop up to 97 per cent of UV radiation.

These figures are based on research conducted by the Hohenstein Research Institute as well as the manufacturer of our fabric yarns. All fabrics made of Sunsilk SNC and Sunvas SNC achieve the highest possible solar protection factor for textiles (UPF 50+).

The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) specifies how much longer one can be exposed to sunlight when protected from it by the given UPF without suffering sunburn. Fabrics with an ultraviolet protection factor of 50+ would enable you to sit out safely in the sun fifty times longer than you would otherwise be able to do without suffering sunburn, if you were to rely solely on the protection provided by your skin.

In order to ascertain the sun protection factor required, you need to know what level of protection is provided by your own skin, as well as the length of time you wish to sit in the sun (your own protection time x sun protection factor = maximum sunbathing time). It is essential to bear in mind here that the sun protection (awning) fabric is only able to reduce the effect of direct sunlight and not that resulting from reflected UV radiation (from water, for example).

The best light and weather fastness values.
Markilux covers made from Sunsilk SNC and Sunvas SNC achieve the best results (marks 7 to 8) when rating their light and weather fastness values.

Bonded fabrics lend a vastly improved appearance.
The ultrasonic bonding process lends the awning fabrics a vastly improved appearance. It has been tested for its durability. The high compression bonding process offers many advantages: Under normal conditions the panel joints (formerly seams) are impermeable to light and water and impervious to changes in temperature. Thanks to its smoother surface, the fabric has a longer life-span. In addition bonding avoids the problem of premature ageing of the thread as a result of UV radiation and weathering.

Awning covers on Markilux awnings.
We supply Markilux awnings with bonded covers. If you would prefer your awning cover to be produced with the conventional stitched finish, we kindly request you to state this clearly when ordering. Exceptions are covers made from perfotex and those from other collections that are manufactured in a stitched finish for very good technical reasons. Both stitched and bonded awning fabrics show inevitable differences in colour due to the double layer of fabric at the seams and panel joints – the fabric appears to be darker in this area.

Made-up awning covers for replacement.
When ordering made-to-measure awning covers we would like to ask you to always state if you require a stitched or a bonded cover.

Should my patio awning fabric be cleaned and how?show

Yes, like many products keeping the unit clean, especially the fabric, will ensure the very best life span and operation.


Special cleaning products are available if required but some sensible use should ensure your awning stays in good working order for a very long time and unlike lower priced steel units or older cheap fabrics, all the awnings we sell use the very latest in technology.

Markilux, use fabrics extensively tested to deal with Northern European weather.


How can I clean awning fabrics traditionally made from acrylic?show

Remove dry dust with a soft brush. Remove leaves and similar debris immediately. Small spots should be removed with water and a commercially accepted, preferably liquid, detergent suitable for delicate fabrics (water temperature about 30°C, soapy solution 5%). Rinse well with water until all traces of the detergent have been removed. If possible, retract the awning when it is dry only!

If the awning has to be retracted when wet, extend it again as soon as possible so it can dry. Due to its own weight a certain amount of sag in the cover is possible. This will increase when the cover is wet. This appearance does not impair the function and running of the awning.

The awning cover is equipped with a special impregnation which is reduced with each cleaning process. Commercial tent impregnation can be used for a follow-up impregnation, however it cannot revert the fabric to its factory state.

How does the nano effect work on fabrics?

Markilux awnings are now available with the so-called nano effect. This applies to the fabric collection sunsilk SNC and the model variant Lounge for the awning frames. The impact can be explained best by imagining that there are microscopically fine hairs or spikes on the surface of the fabric and frame that prevent that e.g. rainwater or dirt getting in direct contact with the surface. As the hairs have only an extremely small surface at their tip, any deposit is only lightly at the top. This also explains why a rain shower can clean the awning from dirt. While it was recommended for conventional awning fabrics to retract the system to prevent the wet dirt from “sticking” to the fabric, we recommend leaving the sunsilk SNC fabric extended during rain – unless there is very strong wind or a storm.

How can I clean Markilux awnings with covers made from sunsilk SNC?

Badly soiled covers can be washed off with a water jet as long as high pressure is not used. Clean the cover from both sides and leave the awning to dry while it is extended. If required, use a sponge or soft brush with a small amount of detergent suitable for delicate fabrics and use warm water, at a maximum of 30° C. Avoid strong rubbing. Afterwards clean the cover several times with clean water and leave to dry.

What happens to a wet / moist awning?

Markilux awnings fear neither rain nor dew therefore it does not matter if the cover happens to get wet.

The cover itself is no breeding ground for any growth. However, over time dust and other dirt particles from the air deposit onto the fabric on which fungi (mildew) or moss can develop. This is why the cover should not stay wet for a longer period of time. The best option is to extend the awning for drying immediately after the rain, or leave it extended in the first place.

For covers made of sunsilk SNC we recommend to leave the awning extended during rain so that the water activates the self-cleaning effect. However please ensure that your Markilux is set with a pitch enough if used in the rain to ensure safe drainage of the rainwater, which is is a minimum of about 14°. Even these awning covers should not be wound up when wet for too long.

What does a butterfly awning do?show

This is a generic term for a self-supported structure with 2 or more retractable awnings projecting either side of a goal post arrangement and therefore looks like a butterfly when extended

Butterfly awnings are most commonly used in commercial applications to provide either sun or rain shelter outdoors in public places, such as a pub garden, cafe, restaurant, and so on.

There is a big difference between one purely designed for sun protection as opposed to one being required for rain and a fair bit of wind exposure too. As they can be so large, the structure needs to be very strong and well connected to the ground area underneath it, with proper concrete pads the best installation method.

For most commercial applications in the UK the requirement is usually not just for sun protection but also to provide shelter from the wind and rain. This is where the Markilux Syncra system is ideal. Unlike some other systems where the cover is only suitable for sunshine the Syncra has been designed and tested for both wind and rain and is manufactured and tested in Germany where the weather is as diverse as the UK.

When you are looking to put a serious all year round system in place then the Syncra may well be your solution.

The Markilux Syncra is constructed from a strong galvanized steel section framework available in one piece up to seven metres wide or as a coupled unit up to 13.9 metres wide. Combine this maximum size with four retractable awnings with four metre projections and you can cover an incredible total area of 111 square metres! The system is tested and CE approved to the highest standards.

The free-standing awning stand consists of a steel cross member and two steel posts at the side and has no centre support like giant umbrellas tend to have. It offers plenty of space with a maximum height of three metres and a walk-under height of over two metres to the side even at large extensions. Seven different awning models from the complete Markilux range are available to suit different requirements and tastes. Whether small and compact or stylish and elegant, with or without heating and lighting.  All awning types are equipped with a gear mechanism and attractive stainless steel winding handle; an electric motor is optional. The powder-coated awning stand includes a top profile in the same frame colour as the awning. The cover and mechanism are always well protected when retracted by the totally enclosed housing and top profile.

The choice of high quality Markilux awnings for the Syncra framework – open, semi or full cassette models, all available as manual or electric operated and a very wide choice of fabrics including fire retardant and fully waterproofed options for public places.

As the awnings either side are independent you can have one awning out on its own if required all depending on the level of shading and protection needed at any one time during the day or night.

A wide choice of accessories can be added to the Syncra framework including lighting and infra-red heating systems which enable the use of the system much later into the evening through lights and even further throughout the year due to heating. Drop down electric or manual operated valances can also be specified with certain models to give further protection at the sides and Samson can also supply fixed side sections either in glazed or solid sections to create a more protected environment to encourage use of the area.

The Syncra can be surface fixed or concreted into the ground and there are also options for self-supporting models using various weighted sections, which can also double up as seating or decorative areas quite easily with no loss of style. We would however always recommend the permanent fixing for ultimate stability all year round.

Another fantastic variation on the Syncra is the Markilux Pergola system offering even greater levels of stability for self-supporting terrace and patio cover with huge variations in size and specification. Self-supporting or fixed to an existing structure the Pergola offer real protection in our variable UK climate

Are the patio awnings fabrics waterproof?show

Nearly all high quality awning and terrace cover fabrics are water resistant to a very high level as standard. It is possible to order special water proofed fabrics.


Although it is possible to order some fabrics with a special waterproof coating it is not necessary on a normal retractable awning, as the patio awning should have the pitch set to drain all rainwater as fast as possible to avoid ‘pooling’ and then allowing the water to collect and stretch the fabric. All normal wall mounted retractable awnings ideally should be set with a 14 degree pitch as a minimum so as to allow water to drain effectively. If you do not have this pitch, and the water does collect as it comes down heavier, being waterproof will not help at all as the damage will be done by the weight of the water stretching the fabric.

The only real use of waterproof fabrics is ever required on properly supported terrace cover systems where the fabric is made far tighter using a ‘zipping’ system as well as being held under tension from the front bar, or where aluminium support struts are fitted across the span to help support the fabric to a level where even snow loadings can be achieved.

These systems do not need to be at 14 degrees but again it is desirable if possible for effective rain water drainage.

A limited amount of fabrics can be waterproofed and the choice is limited and there are also a limited range of fire proof coated materials for use in public places or high risk areas.

How long does it take for delivery of the awnings?show

Most of our awnings, all made to order, will take approximately 3-4 weeks maximum including many of the terrace cover systems.

Nearly all our sun shade and all year round weather protection products are made to order but still should only take about 4 weeks from order to installation.

We can supply many of the large commercial and domestic centre or side arm supported parasols within a week, as well as the fixed terrace cover system ‘Homestyle’ with a Perspex roof system.

As there are over 180 different fabrics for each of the Markilux awnings to choose from, and each awning is made to the millimetre, inevitably there is a short waiting time.

We pride ourselves on supplying the very highest quality products you can find throughout the UK and Europe and not just stock sizes with a limited range of fabric choices all made for an impulse buy when the sun shines. We offer bespoke solutions for perfect use of any outdoor area you wish to cover and protect enabling as much use as possible throughout the year.

What is the best retractable roof system?show

This is a bit difficult as it depends on the intended use for the terrace cover.
The range of terrace covers we offer is extensive, with all of them being fabric roof covers but differing in the structure material for the main framework and the fabric itself, as well as how it travels down the length of the projection.

For all round use in the UK as a pure patio or terrace cover without sides or a front, the systems offer the best all round use and best value for money. The system is simple; A fixed full cassette on the wall with two projecting guides are supported at the front to provide a fabric cover system capable of dealing with much higher levels of wind than a normal patio awning, and also capable of projecting much further too (up to 6000mm). The Pergola has an optional ‘zip’ system for the fabric to be firmly connected to the side channels for the tightest finish for the cover material and also ensure rainwater does not splash over the edges of the fabric but all end up at the front edge of the unit.

What makes an awning waterproof?show

The superb fabrics on the top quality patio awnings have a highly impressive water resistance level. If the awning is correctly pitched at 14 degrees the awning will cope with rainfall commensurate with weather conditions for the awning’s standard classification of wind class 2, Beaufort 5.


For a truly waterproof awning, the fabric can be specially treated, but you should remember that the white coating will then be visible from the underside of the awning when open.

Another key factor is making sure the awning fabric is kept as tight as possible to ensure no ‘pooling’ of water can occur when there may be a heavier downpour of rain.

Once the fabric collects a pool of water it can build very quickly, stretching the fabric and even damage it for good.

A ‘zipped’ system always helps prevent fabric sag as the fabric is held in the sides of the system securely rather than just loose at either side as on a retractable awning.

Fabrics do vary enormously in quality and the very best and modern fabrics are manufactured by Markilux Awnings. They are always ahead of the latest trends in colours and manufacturing techniques in modern fabrics.

Where Are Markilux Awnings & Exterior Solar Shades Manufactured?show

All Markilux shade solutions are manufactured to precise specifications in Germany

Can Markilux shade solutions be used in the rain?show

Yes, but generally only in light rain. 

Most retractable awnings are designed for sun protection; they cannot handle the weight from rain or from other precipitation, like snow. Large amounts of rain can pool on the fabric and damage the fabric or the frame. However, if you anticipate using your awning in rain, if you make sure you have at least a 14 degree pitch, and if we have grommetted rain drain holes placed near the ends of the fabric cover, you can use the awning in a slightly heavier rain.

What Is The Expected Lifespan Of Fabrics And Can They Be Replaced?show

Markilux fabrics are tested to show less than 1% fade per year. That means that after 10 years, the fabric will still have 90% of its original vibrancy. In most conditions, Markilux fabrics last 10 or more years without rotting or wearing. Markilux high-quality, German-engineered mechanisms will consistently outlast the fabric. Fabrics can be replaced.

How Are Fabrics For Markilux Shade Solutions Selected?show

Our sales team is very accustomed to working with the design community to identify the fabric that will meet the performance requirements of any project and then to select the best fabric and cassette colour for your design. Markilux fabrics are not sold separately, but only as part of a Markilux shade solution.

What are the cassette frame colour options?show

Each Markilux product offers a standard range of cassette colours. These are displayed on the individual product pages.

Markilux also offers 162 DuPont RAL custom cassette colours to ensure each project's shade solution is perfectly designed for the building's exterior decor.

What is the warranty on Markilux retractable awnings & exterior solar screens?show

Markilux offers a five year deluxe warranty protection standard with every product. This provides a five year full warranty on all products installed by a certified contractor

How much do Markilux retractable awnings and solar shades cost?show

Prices vary depending on the size, style, and accessories.

If I have a question regarding a product before I order, who can I contact?show

Please contact our Sales team on 01933 448854 or complete our Enquiry Form

Can I order spare parts?show

If you require spare parts, please contact our Sales team on 01933 448854.

Can I Personalise My Awning?show

Yes you can...

Yes, you can personalise your awning with your company name, logo and contact information, or even the first line of you address. This will, of course, be at an additional cost to you, so please talk to the sales team when inquiring about your awning for more advice. 

Do you deliver to my address?show

Deliveries will be delivered to the address you provide upon placing your order

Can I book a delivery date online?show

Unfortunately you cannot book a delivery date online, please contact our Sales team on 01933 448854

How do I book a delivery date?show

An estimated delivery date will be provided on placing your order, and you will be contacted by us closer to the delivery date to confirm.

Can I change my delivery date?show

Delivery date are subject to the supplier and fitters for these products, please contact the Sales team on 01234 567890 for more information on delivery dates and details

Returns and refundsshow

The returns and refund policy is advised in the Terms and Conditions please see

Which cards do you accept?show

We currently accept MasterCard and Visa debit & credit cards (including Visa Electron), as well as Delta, Maestro debit cards and American Express credit cards.

Do prices include VAT?show

Yes, all our prices include VAT at the standard rate.

Where can I get details of Markilux upcoming promotions, offers and new product ranges?show

You can sign-up to the free Markilux e-mail newsletter, to be kept up to date with all the latest Markilux promotions, special offers and exciting new products.

Terms and conditionsshow

For all Terms and Conditions please see

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