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Weatherproof Outdoor Blinds are an effective shading solution for businesses because they provide a perfect balance between blocking out intrusive sunlight while still allowing the environment to be flooded with natural light and fresh air. Offering your business better control over the amount of light flowing in, Vertical Blinds create an adjustable atmosphere that is conducive to productive, and creates comfortable working conditions. Additionally, these blinds require minimal upkeep and are highly durable even when regularly exposed to adverse weather conditions, meaning businesses will not have to constantly replace them or carry out costly repair work due to wear and tear. Vertical blinds are one of the most popular choices of blinds because they can offer great functionality. Not only do they look stylish and come in a range of colors, but they are also incredibly practical and robust. These superb external fabric vertical blinds come with the added bonus of being 'zip' blinds, which means that they slot into channels on either side and hold firmly in place - providing excellent resistance to wind and rain. These durable blinds will also last many years, ensuring you get maximum benefit from your investment.

Our range of Electric External Vertical Fabric Blinds can be easily customised too, giving decision makers far greater creativity in their choice of patterns and colours that perfectly match the corporate identity of their business. Vertical blinds can provide both privacy and energy savings depending on how much sunlight enters a space – making them a cost-efficient solution for companies looking for ways that could reduce energy expenses.

Commercial weatherproof outdoor blinds are an excellent choice for controlling the amount of light and sun entering your space. Our range is comprehensive, offering square or round cassettes, cable or roller-guided material, and high-quality materials that ensure sturdy and low maintenance models. We offer coupled units capable of covering up to 10 metres wide and 4 metres in height.

Operation is simple and can be done both inside and outside, manually or with electric controls. Our blinds can be equipped with timers, sun sensors, and wind sensors to enable automatic adjustment of the blinds according to your preferences. Vertical blinds provide you with an unparalleled level of control over your interior or exterior space's light levels. Contact us today to learn more about our Commercial weatherproof outdoor blinds

The range of fabrics available includes Teflon coated, perforated options and Markilux Transolair™ all offering unique light transmitting properties and vast choice of beautiful colours.

Electric external vertical casette blinds’  are the perfect long-term solution to sun shading over large windows of all shapes and sizes, especially in hard to reach places.

Allow Samson to find the ideal shading solution for your commercial requirements. 

Drop Arm

Suitable for hospitals, shops, offices, schools, care homes, community centres and other workplaces, a drop arm awning is a highly durable, cost-effective sun shading solution.

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Conservatory Blinds

Control the light and temperature inside your conservatory at the push of a button as all units are electrically operated as standard with add on controls such as sun sensors, timer controls and thermal switches available.

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Marquisolette Blinds

A Cassette with guide rails using innovative arm technologyand gas pistons - the ideal conbination: half vertical blind, half drop-arm awning, highly practical.

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Triangle Blinds

Specialised shading for unusual shaped windows as well as large areas of glazing on roof structures is another area where Samson can provide unique solutions.

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical cassette blinds are the perfect long tern solution to sun shading over large windows of all shapes and sizes especially in hard to reach places.

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