Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory Awnings

Vertical and above glass awningsWhilst getting a large amount of sunlight entering a room is important, it's not the only factor to take into account. This is most often encountered when people get conservatories; Constructed mostly from glass, conservatories let in large amounts of light, however they also offer very little thermal insulation against cold winters and brisk winds, and provide zero protection against the hot and powerful rays emitted from the sun during the summer.

Our conservatory awnings provides a practical filter for light and heat, creating a comfortable atmosphere in both the summer and winter seasons. They retain that vital heat in the winter offering extra warmth and insulation, yet they reflect the heat with a unique protective material during the warmer summer providing somewhere cool to relax.

Regardless of whether the conservatory awning is mounted on the interior or exterior of your home, and irrespective of the glazing panel sizes, it serves perfectly to demonstrate the versatility and adaptability.

Conservatory Awnings Conserve Energy!

Special fabrics are produced for conservatory awnings that achieve the highest level of UV stability and options of perforated materials to allow transparency of light, air and water.


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Markilux Conservatory Awning Range

Markilux 780 and 880

Remarkably compact yet strong conservatory awnings for small glass areas both on the interior and the exterior

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Markilux 8800

Form follows function - The timelessly modern conservatory awning with constrasting shapes - Designed down to the last details - Optionally with Tracfix System

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Markilux 8850

Round, Square, Flexible - The designer conservatory awning with indented guide tracks for bevel-edged conservatory

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Markilux 889

Horizontal and highly functional - The under-glass awning for optimum shading of large areas - Optionally with Tracfix system

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