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Enhancing Your Business with An Outdoor Area

Covered Over Outdoor Seating for Pubs and Bars

Outdoor dining and drinking spaces have the remarkable potential to transform your ability to attract passing trade. Introducing covered outdoor seating and tables in your establishment unlocks a versatile and dynamic area, leveraging underutilised space that often leads to lost revenue. Since 2007, the demand for covered outdoor spaces has experienced tremendous growth, and this has since grown again following Covid - which is why we offer an extensive array of products tailored to every situation, ranging from elegant parasols to sophisticated awnings and even innovative glass rooms. Pubs and bars equipped with covered or heated outdoor seating areas undeniably entice customers, especially by offering shelter from unpredictable rain – which is all too often in the UK.

First impressions hold significant weight, and an aesthetically pleasing outdoor setting is more likely to draw in additional visitors. Furthermore, during the warmer summer months, these spaces provide much-needed shade and comfort for your guests.


Benefits of Commercial Outdoor Seating

The benefits of outdoor spaces for pubs extend beyond aesthetics. They also serve as ideal venues for hosting events like live music performances and vibrant barbecues. Such gatherings naturally attract larger crowds, presenting an excellent opportunity to increase footfall and revenue. Implementing cutting-edge systems like med rooms not only opens up possibilities for more outdoor events but also grants additional space to cater to your current plans effectively.

Heating and Lighting for Commercial Outdoor Dining Areas

To ensure year-round comfort and usability, regardless of weather conditions, consider our range of heating and lighting options. Retractable roof awnings offer shelter during rain showers and can be effortlessly opened during sunny periods to bathe the area in sunshine. Irrespective of your establishment's style, be it trendy and modern or traditional and subtle, there exists a tailored awning or roof system to suit your specific needs. Beyond functionality, awnings can serve as valuable advertising spaces, allowing customisation to proudly display your business's name and logo, thereby reinforcing your brand identity and market presence. This simple yet effective marketing opportunity is often one that is easily missed. Embrace innovation with cutting-edge products like the louvred roof systems from Gibus, representing a unique and transformative approach to enhancing your outdoor areas. These motorised blades, with the ability to rotate up to 135°, offer precision control over airflow, ensuring a directed yet natural breeze while providing ample shade by tracking the sun's movement. Additionally, these systems can be tightly sealed to prevent any water infiltration during adverse weather conditions.


Increase Revenue With a Terrace Cover for Your Bar or Pub

In an ever-expanding landscape of dining and drinking establishments, standing out is becoming increasingly challenging. However, even a simple addition like an upgraded outdoor space can substantially enhance the visual appeal and recognition of your premises, granting you a competitive edge in the highly contested pub and bar market. Investing in the renovation of your outdoor space promises significant returns, creating an inviting and comfortable ambiance that patrons will eagerly return to time and again. Regardless of your establishment's nature, the incorporation of outdoor spaces can boost revenue by up to 30%, as contented, warm, and dry customers are likely to extend their stay, leading to increased income and overall satisfaction.


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