Fabric Side Screens

Side Awnings

Yellow Markilux 790 Side ScreenIdeal, lateral protection against low-lying sun, light wind and inquisitive glances - perfect for large patios and terraces. 

The Markilux 790 Side Awning with an angled top edge provides ideal protection from the side against low-lying sun, light wind and inquisitive glances. 

Whether you’re looking to install a sun shading product with low visual impact or simply looking for something to help add a bit of privacy, we will be able to provide just what you require.

The retractable side awning by Markilux, is easy to use, easy to install and can be opened by just pulling the handle and fixing it onto the opposite supporting post with a variety of fixings depending on what you would like to use.

Markilux 790The screen is encased in a secure aluminium cassette when closed. When installing a side screen awning, the side cassette is fixed onto an already existing wall to give it support whilst the opposite supporting post is placed opposite.

Commercial Side Awnings

Side awnings can be customised in a variety of different colours, styles and shades to suit individual tastes. With such freedom of choice, it is easy to blend this accessory into any area.

It is not uncommon for us to receive requests to install side blind awnings whilst installing another product of ours. We will always ensure that it is done to complement each other and the style you wish to go for in the space you wish for it to go in.

When installed with a terrace cover, the lone-standing support post of the side screen blind can be adapted and integrated with the supporting leg of the terrace cover to create an outstanding yet succinct finish.


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