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Care Homes with Commercial Awnings UK 

Care homes often provide lovely outdoor spaces for residents, staff and visitors and creating sheltered areas is important to protect them from the British weather. A calming and accessible outdoor sheltered area is great for mental and physical health, giving elderly and less able residents a safe space to enjoy the weather will not only be a mood booster it will shade them from harmful UV rays and other elements. Let residents take part in outdoor activities while being sheltered such as taking care of the communal gardens, painting in the fresh air, knitting etc, being in the outdoors is simply a joy that can be enjoyed while under a commercial awning.

Markilux 1600 Commercial Awning for Care Homes   Commercial Awning for Care Homes

Commercial Awnings UK can provide perfect shelter solutions to protect people from the British elements, whether this means shade from the ever-hotter British sun or from the colder autumn days, benefit from accessories such as infrared heaters and lighting to create a seamless connect from inside to outside. Not only do awnings prove shelter outside they can reduce heat on the inside when they are extended over entrances or windows shading people on the inside of the building from UV rays and heat from the sun. Sun cover is important for care home residents as their skin and eyes can be very sensitive to the sun and instead of keeping them indoors you will be able to allow them to enjoy the outdoors with everyone else without jeopardising their health.

If your commercial property does not have a large outside area and you do not want a permanent structure, then a commercial awning would be the ideal care home outdoor shelter as it can be opened and closed when needed by the push of a button.

Check out our case study on Cliftonville Care Home in Northampton.

This care home in Northampton, UK, was looking for an awning for a first-floor outdoor terrace area. The area was previously only able to be used in perfect conditions, not too hot and sunny, nor wet. Cliftonville Care Home were hoping to be able to make more use of the area via an awning system.

The incredible Markilux Pergola retractable fabric awning system was again chosen due to being the best and most suitable product.

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