Patio Awning Accessories

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We supply a wide range of accessories to enhance your patio and garden awning that suit your lifestyle and property . Whether you are looking for an infrared heater, a remote control system or ambient lighting, all of these can be specified and matched to your exact requirements. Our remote controll systems not only enhance and prolong the use of your awning, but also help to extending the life of your awning, by allowing you to quickly and safely retract the arms if the weather may change suddenly for the worse.



Markilux Accessories

Markilux Infrared Heater heating system for commercial outdoor setting

Markilux Infrared Heater

Your awning can be enjoyed all year round with the addition of a infrared heater. The Markilux infrared heating system gives you the ability to enjoy the comfort of your awning during the cold nights or winter months.

Markilux heaters and quick and effective and require no heat-up time. They are available remote-control operated and can evenly disperse heat amongst an area of 9m up to 12m². Markilux infrared heaters are also available with Philips HeLeN lamps on request. These infrared awning heaters are a cut above your standard heater as instead of wasting heat on unused air, it focuses its infrared heat onto specific areas thus warming up targeted areas. As an added benefit, infrared heat has been proven to have health benefits for those with bronchial issues or asthma.

Each heating unit is the unanimous choice when pitted against the quartz heater or traditional gas heater and can save as much as 30% in heating costs without the loss of heat to draughts. The approximate life of a Markilux infrared heating unit is around 5200 hours making it a great investment. 

The Markilux awning heating systems come in two varieties, 1400W (pictured) or 2000w.


Markilux Spotline Awning lighting for commercial settings

Markilux Spotline

Exterior cover lighting is a luxury for some, but a necessity for others. The Markilux Spotline system, with adjustable LED directional spotlights, provides a soft lighting system to allow parties, meals, restaurant service, exterior pub decking, gatherings or general relaxation time to continue into the night once the sun has gone down. 

It is also important to note that soft lamps can be replaced by fluorescent lamps should the need for a brighter lighting system occur.

Also available are individual adjuystable LED spotlights, which allow for a broader range of lighting options. These spotlights are added in 50cm increments, for example, 200cm = 3 spotlights, 300cm = 5 spotlights etc.

LED Lighting systems for commercial awnings

LED Line Lighting System

Available exclusively for the new Markilux MX-1 and MX-1 Compact, this LED bar light is fitted neatly into the front profile for a truly classy aesthetic that will help your business create a professional yet warm atmosphere.

This powerful light has a life expectancy of 15,000 hours and can be coloured to blend into your awning.


Hotspot heating system for outdoor area for awning

Hotspot Heating System

Markilux technology have integrated both lighting and heating systems to produce the Markilux Hotspot. It is available in a combination of two heating systems (1400 watts each) and four spotlight bulbs (20 watts each). Making this the perfect accessory for awning applications requiring the comfort of a warm surrounding coupled with a bright, mood-stimulating lighting system, ideal for external seating such as at bars or restaurants.


Shadeplus awning system commercial awning shade

Shadeplus Shading System

The Markilux ShadePlus system is ideal for businesses which face into direct sunlight and are affected by the low-lying morning/evening sun.

It is a retractable valance which offers effective sun-shading and protection all year round regardless of weather, season or time of day.

When retracted, it is discreetly hidden and offers maximum head height under the awning with a totally unrestricted view. Available up up to 230cm. Only available with manual operation by way of stainless steel winding handle. 


Weinor Accessories

Lux lighting

This lighting system from Weinor consists of a Lux Light Bar or a Lux Design. Both systems aim to create ambient mood lighting and can be colour matched to the awning or product that you purchase. 

Alongside this, the haolgen lights on the light bar can be turned and swivelled, allowing you to redirect the light as needed. 

The Lux designs are perfect for patio installations however they can also be used on residential decking. It also has its commercial benefits, being able to satisfy the requirements for beer garden lighting, outdoor showroom lighting, exterior dining area lighting and more.

Tempura Heating

The Tempura offers a comfortable, lasting warmth that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in cold conditions or cool evenings and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Infrared technology ensures it requires no warm up time, and also saves up to 30% on energy costs compared to traditional heating systems. Alongside this, it's targetted system ensures a more efficient way of heating guests.


Gibus Accessories

Velenda Lighting

Whilst Gibus products naturally stand out from the crowd, using lighting systems can not only elevate this even further, but extend the practical use of your Med room. One of the easiest methods of doing this is via the Velenda lighting system. These are small adjustable spotlights consisting of 6 LED lights enclosed in an anodised aluminium casing.

This system is one of the easiest methods for adding lighting to a med room.

LED Linear

Another lighting possiblity for Gibus products is the LED Linear system. This system has LEDs that can be mounted outside the horizontal profile.

Led Linear consists of a preassembled bar mounted with the outfitted clips under the horizontal profile, made up of 12 leds/m with a power of 6 watts/m. It is available in lengths of 100cm, 200cm or 300cm.

This system can also be installed after purchase of the original system making it a very flexible lighting option. It is, however, not available with the Med Isola Fly due to the nature of that system. 

LEDs Spot

Similar to the above, the LED Spot system consists of rectangular LED spots integrated into the horizontal profile. The bar containing them is integrated into the horizontal bar with a gap between spots of every 50cm. Each Led has a power of 0,5 Watt, making a total of 3 Watt/Spot.

Naturally, just like the LED Linear, this lighting is not available with the fly due to the nature of the system.

Barra LED Raya

This system consists of LED bars in aluminium casing. Neutral light, whose intensity can be set by using a dimmer and activated through the remote control of the awning.

The Raya can be installed under arm awnings or leaning pergolas and has a length up to 4m with a 100 Watt power supply, from 4 until 6 m with a 200 Watt power supply.

The Raya has also been devised to be installed in a Med Room, on the internal part of the gutter pipes, under/along the guides or even along the perimeter. It illuminates efficiently the location under the pergola Med Room. A power supply up to 480 Watt are available for 2 or more Raya on Med Room.

RGB LED lights

Without a doubt the most visually impacting lighting choice of any outdoor room product around, this system can turn any room into something far more futuristic. 

On a Gibus system, however, it truly comes into its own. 

The system consists of RGB LED strips that can be applied along the internal perimeter of the structure. It projects an even light inside the structure, which creates evocative color effects.

The possibilities are endless with a system such as this. Mood lighting for restaurants, such as red and purple lights, can help create a romantic or a relaxed ambience for diners. Blue or green lighting can help to create a poolside haven that blends well with it's surroundings, whilst other options can create something more exciting.

It's possible to set it on one color, or with an automatic program that continuously varies color by means of the remote control for a truly impressive light show.

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