Whilst an office space might not be the first place you think of installing an awning, there are a number of benefits awnings can have on offices.

Firstly, an awning can help to control the light entering an office. Whether the morning sun is piercing into the office, or blazing midday heat, an awning can help to control the light. Making an office space more comfortable can contribute to the morale and happiness of the employees therein, which can improve the overall performance of a business. Alongside this, as we become more and more reliant on technology, an awning can help stop the glare from the monitor that the sun can generate, causing less eye strain and making everyone's jobs a little easier.

Awnings can also be used to help visitors to recognise your premises. As with shop and restaurants, awnings for offices can be adorned with branding for your business, helping people to find your premises. It can also heighten awareness of your business in the local area for passers-by.

Some offices may also want to have some additional privacy, which can be offered by some awnings, like drop-arm awnings and vertical blinds, for example. These awnings can be lowered to cover windows, to block sun and unwanted eyes.

Weinor Pergotex Office Rooftop Awnings

Fixed awnings can be used as lunch spaces, or as areas to entertain meetings and guests, offering a break from the monotony of office booths and meeting rooms. This can transform all sorts of areas into functional and pleasant areas to relax, such as a central London rooftop which can be seen pictured, which became an area to entertain clients with a great view of the London skyline.

Awnings can also reduce the amount of time spent uncovered when dashing for the car at the end of the day. Nothing is worse than getting drenched between the exit and the car door, and an awning can help to prevent this from ever happening.

The main reasons for installing an awning are universal; sun-shade, rain cover and an alternative space to spend time. Whether it’s an office or even your own garden, there are plenty of reasons to get an awning. 

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