Glassrooms & Verandas

Glassrooms and Verandas

Weinor Terrazza

Commercial Awnings UK offer the perfect solution for additional space for your establishment. Our glassrooms and glass verandas offer your the chance to increase space in your restaurant, cafe, or hotel dining area/lounge area for a fraction of the costs of more traditional extensions and far quicker too with minimal upheaval. The aluminium framework structure and glass panels are easily erected to most buildings with minimal support required

Bring the patio/garden into your premises with the elegant Weinor Glassroom that offers you smooth transition to the outside. It consists of a Terrazza patio roof which can be closed with all-glass elements to form an all year round 'outdoor room' which can be turned into a veranda glass roof in minutes.

The many flexible and fixed-glazed side elements allow for any number of possible combinations and weather protection.

All of our glass veranda systems, either the Samson G6, the Verano Garda and Riva or the Weinor Terrazza, can also have permanent, folding, or sliding glass doors and front sections in order to offer the ultimate protection and outdoor space in the form of a ‘glassroom’, or ‘winter gardenroom’ as they are generally known in Northern Europe (however the name should not be taken too literally as they are definitely for all year round use).

These are an accepted commercial solution for extending the use of outdoor areas, especially restaurant and café space where maximising table space during good weather is a priority in order to maximise revenue at all times.

A fantastic investment into any building, providing extra space, and in most cases planning permission is not required as this system does not require traditional building foundation work.

Commercial Awnings UK offers only the highest quality products from our excellent suppliers.

Our Glassroom and Veranda Product Range

Samson G6

The Samson G6 veranda is a made to measure glass veranda that is fitted to an already existing structure.

Integrated guttering and two different appearances mean that it can fit in one a multitude of different properties. 

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Samson G8

The Samson G8 is a glass roofed veranda system, that is one of the newest products on the market.

The G8 has a number of benefits, the main of which is the ability to be a free standing system, as well as a lean-to system. This makes it suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

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Samson P35

The P35 glass veranda is a simple yet stylish veranda made to measure and using lighter roof glass than our other models. 

Just like other lean to canopy systems, the post supports require minimal concrete pads and the higher back section is a simple wall plate fitting directly to the building or structure for support. 

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Weinor Glassroom

A glass garden room should be ideally offering sheltered protection all year round yet remain fully interactive with the outdoors thanks to its innovative clear glass elements, doors and blinds.

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Weinor Terrazza

The Weinor Terrazza is a glass and aluminium roof structure built with all year round patio protection in mind, for use on any terrace or patio area in a domestic or commercial environment.

Covered by protective layers of toughened glass to optimise the full use of daylight, the Terrazza can extend your patio outdoor use no matter what the weather, day or night.

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Erhardt T100 / T150

The Erhardt T100 & T150 are sister systems from Erhardt Markisen, a German company who specialise in awnings and glass roof systems. They have minimal supporting posts yet maintain their sturdiness and reliability through the use of cross-section supporting elements.

This results in a fantastic looking system that allows fantastic views to those within. the sides can also be filled with glass doors or panels and it is this flexibility that has made it popular for those on the commercial sector.

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