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Extend your premises and create a unique and special place to sit and enjoy with a frameless view of the grounds and maybe the spectacular views that you have. With a glassroom, you can take all of these views in and still enjoy the sunshine that you would expect while being outside but have protection from the unwanted spells of rain and wind. A Samson glass room can also enable you to utilise unused outdoor space and create a desirable and attractive additional area for your customers with the flexibility to open up in the warmer months of the year.

The benefits of having a Glassroom:

  • Stay outside longer: The Glassroom provides protection from the wind and rain
  • Heating and light: Cold and dark becomes warm and light
  • Inside vertical blinds: Perfect glare-protection and a pleasant atmosphere
  • Outside cassette blinds: Keeps the heat outside in the summer
  • High quality aluminium profiles: That create a graceful appearance, high levels of stability and plenty of transparency
  • Additional seating: The roof and glazing protect your valuable furniture.
  • Flexible glass elements: Can open and close as required to help control internal atmosphere and light ingress and keep heat trapped inside
  • Full-surface glazing: More light and visibility with frameless glass doors
  • A wide range of colours and designs: The un-trussed roof is the perfect match with any building, new or old.

The Glassroom has many flexible and fixed-glazed side elements allow for any number of possible combinations in closing in the front and side sections.

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Quick & Easy Installation

Whether installed on an old or new building, your new glassroom will become both an architectural highlight and a frequently used extension of your building. Unlike a conservatory, the construction work required in a Glassroom installation is minimal meaning a faster installation time. No foundation work is required and no alterations to your building are usually required.

Most of the time, you won't even need to apply for planning permission!Weinor Terrazza Glass Room

For true protection from the very changeable British weather the Glassroom option is the most flexible. The combination of a glass roof with optional blind systems to protect from the glare and heat of the sun and frameless glass side elements for total control of air movement and protection from rain you will have a truly functional all year round outdoor room for your customers to be entertained or just simply wanting to relax in.

During the colder winter months, a Glassroom's sophisticated design provides maximum safety and a long life. Particular focus was placed on the stresses caused by weather conditions, such as the forces placed on them by wind and snow.

All components are produced industrially as series products – this ensures each Glassroom we produce is manufactured to the highest quality. With appropriate specification you can use your Glassroom all year round in comfort.

Shapes, Sizes & Designs

With several different shapes and designs available all of our Glassrooms are bespoke designs.

Constructed to suit each individual customer, Glassrooms are made to suit both the shape and look of your building. Even if there are protruding walls, corners or balconies, our rooms have the ability to cope with this.

Our highly trained and friendly sales team will be happy to help and advise you in detail and help you determine which roof shape is the best for your business.

These glass elements can be:

Fixed Glass

Sliding Glass

Revolving Glass

Tilting Glass




Tilting – bi-folding

Want to enjoy your Glassroom into the early hours?

That's not a problem...

Weinor Glass Room with Awning

With a range of high quality heating and lighting systems, it is now possible to enjoy your Glassroom 24 hours a day.

The Lux Design LED light bar provides an atmospheric lighting effect which offers a warm ambience. The latest LED lighting added to the roof bars will provide enough light for any occasion and is also dimmable at the touch of a button on a remote control handset.

When things get cooler outdoors, the Tempura patio heating system radiates warmth to offer comfort.
Infra red heating is instant and only heats solid objects and for a more subtle type of heating the use of air conditioning is quite common with warm air circulation also helping keep down condensation levels.

Make your Glassroom Unique

Gibus Med Room with LEDsEvery glass room Samson installs is unique and all systems are bespoke in all ways.
With 57 standard colours to start with and further options for any RAL colour you can be sure to match the framework to your existing scheme. With the massive range of options for shapes, sizes and sun protection your room will be unique.

Thanks to sliding skylights and roof vents, a healthy climate is achieved all the time. The ongoing air circulation creates a calm, peaceful atmosphere – and by adding a roof vent and sliding skylight, heat built-up within the Glassroom can be avoided.

Awnings can be used in conjunction with our Glassrooms to create any atmosphere you desire.

  • WGM externally fitted roof awning is available for external overhead protection against the sun. This is recommended when air circulation is poor.

It is ideal for keeping temperatures low and reflecting heat and should be a standard request for a South facing garden heavily exposed to sunlight.

  • Sottezza awning is fitted underneath your patio roof. This overhead awning provides an effective level of shade to help your customers or staff to relax, entertain guests, take part in recreational activities and more in the cool temperatures of your Glassroom. Its design fully complements your patio roof and is discreet when closed internally.
  • VertiTex vertical blind are the perfect sight and anti-glare screen. When used with a fabric from our Soltis collection, you can see everything from the inside but are totally hidden when viewed from the outside.
  • Paravento - A side screen which helps protect side windows from both the sun and prying eyes. This system is available colour coded to match your Glassroom.
  • Aruba - Awning is a simple vertical awning which, on the small movement of a hand, can block out the suns annoying rays and protect your Glassroom against the glare

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