Commercial Umbrellas

The range of parasols and giant umbrellas available today in the UK is amazing and one reason for this is great advances in the materials and technology used in manufacturing these structures. Samson specialise in commercial grade umbrellas fit for purpose with higher wind ratings and stronger bases, poles and designs.

 All the umbrellas we supply are designed for commercial use and are manufactured to the highest level for strength and durability by some of the biggest names in Europe.

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Side Supported Umbrellas

These unique umbrella systems eliminate the need for a heavy base and a centre pole. The anodized brushed aluminium side mounted arms fit directly onto a wall or an upright pole, which is also anodized brushed aluminium. The hinged support arms allow tilting and almost limitless positioning of the umbrella to achieve the desired shade with absolute ease, particularly useful to follow the path of the moving sun during the day.


The flexible arms and holder allows each umbrella to be adjusted as needed. Paraflex are wall mounted on a track. Paraflex Monoflex, Duoflex and Multi are pole mounted. A clever duo-hinge on the Duoflex allows two umbrellas to share a pole and be mounted at the same height, or a Telescopic pole can be used for multiple tracks. Multiflex 3, 4 and 5 umbrella designs provide expansive shade.

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May Rialto

May Rialto is a cantilever parasol, which was developed specifically for the high standards of cuisine and commerce. It comes with an attractive free-arm for outstanding durability and longevity.


Centre Pole Umbrellas

These are serious umbrellas, and do require proper ground fixings and human management in higher wind conditions. Operation is usually extremely easy with geared winding operation or even electric operation for the larger umbrellas. Typically used in a commercial setting, these umbrellas are available in extra large sizes, however start at 1.5m x1.5m, which makes them a perfect alternative to usual patio sun shades.


The Tradewinds Classic is a high grade wooden parasol which is specifically designed for commercial use. It’s available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and is manufactured from laminated eucalyptus, with the canvas being produced from high quality acrylic, which comes in a large variety of colours.


The Vortex Parasol is a UK manufactured, ultra strong parasol, designed by specialists to suit the needs of the UK climate. A remarkably inexpensive way to offer all year outside shelter and shade, the Vortex is the strongest parasol available on the market today and will out perform all awnings.

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May Albatross

The exclusive giant parasol for the gastronomy industry with up to 78m² area, available in round, rectangular or square shape. Parasol for the commercial sector. Also available as a smoking solution with infrared heating, lighting and loudspeakers.


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