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Estate Agents with Commercial Awnings UK 

The visibility of your business on a busy street is paramount to stand out and attract as many customers as possible. Estate Agents are incredibly competitive and in the current climate they are busier than ever! Visibility is vital to survive in an increasingly competitive business market! Adding an awning to your Estate Agents premises front makes your business vastly more visually appealing and recognisable which will, in turn, increase footfall from passers-by. Having an awning with your branding will not only be appealing to passers by it will also remind people you are there, and people will pass on that knowledge to potential buyers and sellers. An awning can stick out over busy crowds, drawing attention more effectively than a simple sign, and help customers navigate their way to your premises in particularly crowded towns or cities. 

Our customer Henderson Connellan have branded their Market Harborough office with 2 fully retractable awnings that have been chosen in their colour and branded, this branch stands out against other business fronts in the town as a premium Estate Agents and are more desirable to visit.

Commercial Awning for Estate Agents   Commercial Awning for Estate Agents Market Harborough

Benefit from accessories with LED lighting which can be added to your awning to illuminate your premises at night creating a sophisticated ambiance, your premises will seem more inviting and friendly than other estate agents in the near vicinity.

Commercial awnings are used by businesses and organisations to give shade and create a better ambience for people using the building. Awnings are a practical solution to expanding the space and giving more brand awareness, Awnings also offer a vital secondary function, advertising space! Awnings can be customised to display the colours, logo or name of your business, or any other information you need to advertise to the public. This space is often unused but can create an individual façade for your premises, adding recognisability and a certain wow-factor. By adding your branding to an awning, customers can become more aware of your premises’ presence on the high street and help you stand out amongst competitors. With the option to have your awning branded you can advertise daily to thousands of new customers. Our team are on hand to assist with which models will best suit your business and which ones are perfect to be branded with your logo.

You can create more versatility with an awning like a retractable awning, as this will allow you to fold it away when it’s not in use, enjoying the sunny weather when you can. With a retractable awning, you can attach it onto the side of a commercial building for support, where it will look attractive and prove a practical addition as well.

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