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With the hospitality sector getting more crowded by the day, finding a way to stand out is of more importance than ever. 

Awnings and canopies are the perfect way to create a great first impression and a grand entrance to your hotel. They not only help you to stand out amongst your competitors on crowded and busy streets, but they also provide useful rain protection and sun shade, helping to control the temperature inside too. They help attract passing trade as well as making it more likely that guests will enter with an already positive impression due to the striking visual impact they can have. 

Blinds are also available and can be fitted to any window to help provide shade and heating control. With a possility for these to be remote controlled, these can make a real difference for those looking to really impress their guests with the ability to control these themselves.

Outdoor eating and drinking areas are of ever-growing importance in a congested world where making the most of your space is of upmost importance. Butterfly awnings are an ideal solution for any hotel. Dual awnings that extend either side of a goal post style frame help to create a large covered space with minimal supporting posts. They are one of the most popular systems in these areas, with minimum intrustion into space yet a massive visual impact.

Hotel butterfly Awning Hotel with Pergola

Also popular are med rooms. These multi-purpose outdoor terrace covers offer nearly year-round weather protection, and can be fitted as either stand alone or a lean-to system that attaches to an already existing structure. These create an incredible aesthetic and practical experience that your competitors cannot hope to match.

Even simpler systems such as parasols or large outdoor umbrellas can have a massive impact, and are hugely popular across all areas of the hospitality industry. They provide sun shade and rain shelter, although they do require more attention as they sometimes need to be taken down due to heavier winds. 

All of these systems are available with specialist heating and lighting systems. The heating systems are powered using infra-red technology that due to it's targetted heating ability can help you save up to 30% in heating costs and comes in different strengths. The lights are available as either LEDs or the more powerful flourescent lamps.

Sports facilities, clubs, gyms, swimming pools, and more are also realising that these systems provide a large benefit.

Make the most of your outdoor space now and browse our products. For more information, take a look at our case study at the Three Swans Hotel in Market Harborough, South Leicestershire.


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