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Triangular shading

Cassette for Triangle BlindThe designs of buildings have changed dramatically over time with people wanting to add a personal touch to make their home or work space inviting. No matter what you a looking for, the design of this product will give you full power over the final look. This will include the frame colour, colour of the blind fabric as well as how it is operated. With technology evolving on a daily basis, these triangular blinds give a modern twist and a beautiful look to bring personality and life to your outdoor space.

Having these blinds means you will be able to create a unique area that people will want to return to and use on a frequent basis. Whether you use it in a pub, restaurant, or even in an office, you will be able to design an irreplaceable area that will capture the attention of those you want to impress time after time.

There are many advantages that will come with adding these blinds, including added interest and attention from passers by which could lead into an increase in revenue and annual profit.

Markilux 893

The Markilux 893 doesn't just look good, it also makes it possible to regulate light and shade flexibly on those “impossible” windows, ones with shapes that make it difficult to provide shade.

The triangular shading system for those special situations, fitted with an innovative mechanism that provides ideal cover tension and remains stable at all times.

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Markilux 893

The triangular shading system that caters for unusual situations

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