Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Arm Awnings

Blue and white drop arm awning

Our selection of Drop Arm Awnings are suitable for a wide range of applications, from hospitals and schools to community centres and workplaces. These durable, cost-effective awnings offer fantastic shading and protection where a full awning projection is not required.

This particular style of awning features an adjustable angle, perfect for adapting the level of shade that the awning provides for any occassion. Highly reliable materials and modern technology have combined to turn standard fixed awnings into an adaptable and enviable home improvement. Drop Arm Awnings can be adapted to fit any window or door, or even multiple applications in one location. This is perfect for office blocks that feel the piercing effects of the sun in the early morning or late evening. 

Much like all awnings, a Drop Arm Awning offers a high level of sun shade protection, providing cool temperature control and a light, airy atmosphere. The gas struts hold the awning material taut, and even provides shade for very low sun.

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Markilux 730/830 

The drop-arm awning with gas piston-tensioned arms - The awning that gives you just the amount of shade you need. 

Markilux Drop Arm 730 Square RevealMarkilux Drop Arm 830 Round RevealOptional Markilux awning aluminium bars
Markilux Drop Arm 730 square cassetteMarkilux Drop Arm 830 Round cassetteGas piston in the drop arm

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