Markilux Markant

Markilux Markant 

Download Markant  PDFThe free-standing textile sun and wet weather protection system in a purist design.

Free-standing patio roofs have been popular for a number of years already. Primarily because you can erect them in your favourite spot in the garden or even directly adjacent to a building. They provide protection against the sun, wind and rain, and can often be used right into the autumn. For this purpose, the Markant is equipped with a new side feature that is easy to open and close.

Complete privacy thanks to the lateral sliding panels

The awning roof “markilux markant” offers a protected space outdoors for just this purpose because it can be closed all round with several side elements. The aluminium frames fitted with an awning cover, which go under the name of “format slide”, run with very little noise in floor tracks made of stainless steel. If you do not want to be disturbed, simply pull the side panels across and open them again when you want to enjoy the view.

The variable system also offers protection against wind and rain. It can also be fitted with panoramic windows to provide a clear view outside. Anyone looking for permanent protection against prying eyes can opt for a fixed side panel. If you then add the manufacturer’s LED light systems and infrared heaters, you can enjoy your open-air seating area well on into the evening and even in cooler weather.

Markilux MarkantMarkilux Markant


Make the rain take a detour.

Markilux MarkantA free-standing awning system in a class of its own: the markilux markant awning roof

The free-standing awning system markilux markant is protection against sun, wind and rain, that can be tailored to your precise requirements. The awning, integrated into the frame, lends the system a textile character, its fabrics making it possible to create the pleasant colour ambience you have in mind. The markilux markant offers protection, security, freedom, outstanding looks and comfort in a purist design.


Your very own personal space in the open air

MArkilux MarkantUsing vertical cassette roller blinds, wind protection and privacy screens in combination with the markilux markant, it is possible to create your very own outdoor space.


On request – that little bit more

Markilux MarkantWhether in combination with heaters, atmosphere-creating LED Line or LED Spotlighting: the markilux markant ticks every box in creating a feel-good space in the open air.


Versatile in both form and function

Mrkilux MarkantAs stand-alone unit or integrated into the existing architecture, the markilux markant makes a big impression in any situation.

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