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Open Style Awnings

Markilux Open Style Awnings are colourful yet an easily cared for generation of awnings. The fabrics as well as the use of high-class materials ensures that all round protection by means of a cassette is no longer mandatory. This is especially apparent with the Markilux 930 swing with its modern and functional design, bringing a dynamic yet stylish look to your balcony or patio.
Markilux 1700
In an almost playful fashion, the torque bar and fabric roller tube of the awning seem to fuse into one at the droplet-shaped roller tube support bracket. The attractive front profile, made of extruded aluminium with an integrated gutter as well as water drainage spouts, is modest and graceful. The end caps are also available in polished chrome and offer that optional designer touch.

The extremely sturdy awning construction makes it possible to shade even very large areas safely. The unique arm technology with power transference using a bionic tendon made of high-tech fibres with extremely high tensile strength has been fully tested by The Fraunhofer Institute. Available in standard markilux colours, Lounge and non-standard RAL colours. And it is also available in a stretch version so that deep, narrow patios and balconies can be shaded.

What is an Open Awning?

If the location for your installation is well protected then Open Style awnings are a good economical way of shading. The mechanisms and roller tubes are left completely exposed. This type of awning is usually fixed underneath a balcony. 

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Markilux Open Style Awning Range

The Markilux 930 Swing

The designer awning with unique pivoting mechanism.

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The Markilux 1300 Basic

The awning which sets exacting standards.

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The Markilux 1700

Striking design, proven technology - The elegant and stylish open awning.

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The Markilux 1700 Stretch

Striking design, proven technology - The elegant open awning. The perfect solution for narrow patios, niches and balconies.

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The Markilux 1700 Stretch

The Erhardt BS-System is an awning with three basic models, to suit different properties and climates, and is available with many extras and options.
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The Markilux 1700 Stretch

The Erhardt S is an open-cassette awning with a sleek and minimalist design, with a huge range of fabric choices and valance styles.
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