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Semi-cassette awnings are an award winning development by Markilux. The cassette opens underneath and therefore suitable for installations that do not require the all year round protection of a cassette. The semi-cassette offers varying degrees of protection to the fabric although the arms do not retract into this type of cassette.

The smart details give this awning type stylish touches like end caps in different colours or modern colours, and material combinations of the Lounge Style range with polished chrome components available for all the Markilux semi-cassette models.
Integrated halogen lighting in the Markilux 1650, or stretch version of the Markilux 1600 for narrow patios, alcoves and balconies are an indication of the many well thought out practical uses on offer.

Not having to work within the constraints of the closed cassette size semi cassette awnings can offer more in terms of extended arm sizes, gas strut supports, lighting and a variety of other add on that simply would not be possible on full cassette awnings.

At Samson Awnings, we supply and install the wide range of Markilux semi-cassette awnings for different purposes and we will always match the best suited option for your needs.

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Markilux Semi-Cassette Awning Range


Markilux 1500

The Semi-Cassette Awning with gas piston technology. Something Special - and not only just technically speaking

Download the PDF here

Markilux 1600

Exellent design and innovative mechanisms - This Semi-Cassette awning has a projection of up to 4 metres

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Markilux 1600 Stretch

The perfect solution for narrow patios, niches and balconies

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Markilux 1650

An illuminating choice for covering a tiled or paved area

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