Med Room

Med room

This multi-purpose outdoor terrace cover can also serve as an outdoor room, depending on the specification chosen. This structure offers year-round protection from the elements, adaptable against sun, wind and rain. 

The retractable roof is made from a fabric, with three choices available; The Fly, a concertina fabric; The Plana, a folding fabric; The Maki, a rolling fabric. Each fabric is a tough, durable vinyl coated material, designed to efficiently channel water towards the inbuilt guttering system. Please note that some fabrics are more suited to particular sizes, given their different constructions. 

The roof is automated by SOMFY systems, a company that specialises in motors for the commercial markets. The Somfy Dexxo Pro 1000 motor can be remote activated using a rolling code radio signal, ensuring the radio signal is always secure, preventing unauthorised use.

There are options available regarding the retractable roof of a Med Room, which can be either sloping or flat. There is also the choice of whether to attach the Med Room to an existing wall, or to have the unit as free-standing (as pictured above), provided there is a suitable base for installation.

Gibus Med Room Restaurant Gibus Med Room Bar
Gibus Med Room Coastal Cafe Gibus Med Roomn Shopping Room Centre

The sophisticated, striking, and minimalist design provides an elegant solution of 'rare geometric balance'. The construction of a Med Room does not interfere with the design of the structure, meaning all screws and brackets are masterfully disguised. 

Within the structure, Gibus has developed water drainage solutions, to guide and distribute any water that falls onto the Med Room. 

All Med Rooms are bespoke, made to order. Due to the differences in fabrics, the maximum dimensions of a Med Room vary, with the largest being up to 63 metres squared.

Lighting is available as an option for the Med Room, with a number of applications available as either integral systems or installed thereafter. These LED lighting systems can be easily controlled to help maintain the desired atmosphere with the Med Room, perfect for restaurants, bars and cafes. 

Download PDFThe Med Room is available in a range of colours, painted onto the pre-treated aluminium framework. This method helps to prevent the finish from fading and weathering. The powder painting also helps to resist corrosion, particularly in aggressive atmospheres.

For further information, please consult the PDF, or contact our team on 01933 274276.

Gibus Shopping Centre Installation Gibus Med Room Coastal Cafe
Gibus Med Room Shopping Centre Gibus Med Room Cafe

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