Med Twist

Med Twist

The third item we offer from the Gibus Med range is the incredible Med Twist. 

The structure can be installed as free-standing, or attached to an existing wall. When attached to a wall, the room can be either side- or front-leaning, as with the Med Fly.

The truly unique feature of the Med Twist, and where the name comes from, is the twisting aluminium blades that form the roof of the unit. These motorised blades rotate, between 0 and 135 degrees, to control the atmosphere below, either allowing or preventing access to sunlight, rain, heat and so on. When closed, the blades offer a fantastic weather seal, with each blade fitted with specially designed gutters to channel any rainwater into the intergral guttering within the supporting columns. The blades can also create a natural airflow into the space below, ensuring those below are kept cool and light. 

The control afforded by these rotating blades is a wonderful innovation in the market of free-standing awnings. A Med Twist allows full and complete control of the atmosphere inside, creating a light, refreshing space to enjoy. In commercial applications, it can create outdoor eating and drinking areas without the worry of being affected by adverse weather conditions. 

Each Med Twist is bespoke, made to order to the exact specifications required by the customer. The systems are modular, meaning they can be combined to cover large areas, following buildings around corners or covering large courtyards for example. A single module is up to 4.5 metres x 7.1 metres, standing 2.4 metres tall (under the beam). 

Gibus Med Twist restaurant Gibus Med Twist Restaurant
Gibus Med Twist Restaurant Gibus Med Twist Restaurant with LEDs
Gibus Med Twist Showroom Gibus Med Twist Restaurant Roof
Gibus Med Twist Showroom Gibus Med Twist Restaurant Roof

Drop awnings are available for the Med Twist, creating additional protection on the sides of the structure when specified. These drop awnings can be mounted with minimal intrusion on the design of the Med Twist, up to 4 metres wide. The shading options vary, from Blackout to Crystal, all of which can be motorised.

The Med Twist can be converted into more of a room space with the addition of sliding and folding glass panels. The toughened safety glass is easily installed, with noise reduction of up to 14db. These panels also offer additional protection from wind, dust and UV rays. For full details, please consult the Med Twist PDF.

Lighting is also available in a number of forms. These LED's increase the times in which the Med Twist can be used, making the space comfortable and welcoming in the dark. LED lights can be installed into the blades, evenly distributing light throughout the Med Twist. Alternately, rectangular LED strips can be installed along the inside edge of the structure, which are available in a range of coloured LED options. This allows the Med Twist to be illuminated in a colour of the owners choice, a further chance to even increase brand strength. The lights can also be programmed to cycle through a program of different colours. 

Automatic wind, rain and snow sensors can be installed, which can automatically adapt the positioning of the blades to match the conditions. This protects the Med Twist, even when you are not present. Temperature controls are also available. 

Insulated blades are also an option when ordering your Med Twist, which dramatically reduces the sound level when rain impacts upon the blades. 

Colour options range for both the framework and the blades, which can be made to match or contrast according to the specification and can used to suit your businesses brand or that of it's surroundings, helping it to either stand out or to subtly blend in,

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Gibus Med Twist Rooftop Gibus Med Twist Restaurant with LEDs
Gibus Med Twist on Rooftop Gibus Med Twist LED Restaurant

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