Med Isola Fly

Isola Fly

The Isola Fly, similar to the Med Room, can be installed as a free-standing unit, or attached to an existing wall. The structure can be installed as a front-leaning or side-leaning installation, the difference being which direction the fabric folds in relation to the back wall.

This unit is suited to creating covered spaces for restaurants and bars, etc., blending the beauty of the outdoors with much needed protection from the elements. 

The Med Isola Fly is beautiful in its serene and minimalist appearance, combining aluminium and stainless steel with ease. 

The awning can be both manually or electrically operated, with either a hand-crank mechanism or with a SOMFY motor system. Electric operation comes with the added bonus of optional remote controls. The motor systems for a Med Fly are practically invisible, meaning no impact is made upon the design of the unit.

Gibus Med Isola Fly Gibus Med Isola Fly
Gibus Med Isola Fly by a Pool Gibus Med Isola Fly Fabric
Gibus Med Isola Fly Pier Gibus Med Isola Fly on a Beach
Gibus Med Isola on a Pier Gibus Med Isola Fly on a Beach

Automatic wind sensors can be installed, which can instruct the motor to retract the awning when the wind force goes over the limit. This protects the structure automatically, even when you are not present yourself. As well as this, a sun sensor is available, which can detect the level of sunlight present, adapting the awning accordingly. 

 The structure is fitted to the ground with aluminium plates, which can be painted to match the colour of the whole unit. The Med Fly can also come in a range of different factory finishes, all treated to resist corrosion and weathering.

The awning material can be manufactured in a choice of 6 colours, all of which are resistant to UV rays, and coated with anti-dust acrylic. All colours offer protection from the sun, although the specific degree of solar transmission, reflection and absorption differs between colours.  

Given the numerous ways a Med Fly can be installed, the maximum dimensions vary. The largest free standing dimensions are 7 metres x 7.1 metres (for a 10 post unit), with the whole unit standing 2.54 metres tall.

Download PDFFor further information, please consult the Med Fly PDF, or call the team on 01933 274276. 


Gibus Med Isola Fly coastal Cafe Gibus Med Isola Fly Restaurant
Gibus Med Isola Fly Coastal Cafe Gibus Med Isola Fly Restaurant

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