Commercial Awnings UK... Working in connection with some of biggest and the best manufacturers in Europe

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Increase your revenues by 30% Create extra space for your establishment, whilst being able to promote more outdoor functions.

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Reap the benefits of your outdoor space While eating outside during the summer is the best time, it does not have to be the only time!

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Standout from the crowd Now is a great time to consider how an awning could benefit you or your business in 2017

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Looking For Inspiration? Check out our specially curated inspiration page for ideas on what options are available for you.

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Shading Solutions for Your Business

You will find the solution to your business's shading and outdoor seating conundrum right here. This panel of examples is here to guide you. Alternatively speak to one of our experts for guidance on how to extend your hospitality to more customers. Call 01933 274 276 today!


  • Pubs & Bars

    Extra business for pubs, beer gardens and cafes. Awnings are the fast way to grow your business outdoors. No planning.

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  • Restaurants

    Use your brand name, ask us to create your all weather shading to compliment your logo. Show it to the outside world!

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  • Schools & Nurseries

    Help to shade children, elderly and the vulnerable in schools, care homes and nurseries.

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  • Offices

    Ideal for expanding your outdoor business space to provide a real benefit to your staff and customers

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  • Shops

    Use your brand name, ask us to create your all weather shading to compliment your logo. Show it to the outside world!

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  • Accessories

    All of the controls can be specified and matched to your exact requirements.

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Product Types

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View our product ranges below for find out more about the vast range Commercial Awnings UK has to offer. 

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Ms B Witted

  • A Weinor Pergotex retractable roof system with LED lights installed in London

  • An installation of a Weinor retractable roof system at a school in Kingston Upon Thames.

  • Installed in a courtyard of this Hertfordshire school, these Vortex parasols transform an unsused space.

  • The installation of two Vortex umbrellas helps to make this nursery and garden centre a far more exciting proposition.

Amongst our installations, we can include pub courtyards, such as the Wig and Pen in Northampton, high street designer shops, restaurants and bistros.

Commercial Awnings UK a leading retailer & installer of premium Awnings, Glassrooms and much more


  • 30-05-2018

    New Plaza Viva Options -

    The launch of Weinor’s Plaza Viva saw the release of an awning with a plethora of new, innovative features that ma

  • 24-04-2018

    Brackets for Retractable Awnings -

    Any retractable ‘knuckle arm’ awning requires at least two brackets to fix it to the wall of a building


  • 14-02-2018

    First Verano Garda Installation

    Verano Garda Samson Awnings have recently installed their first Garda glass roof system by Verano! Although this s

  • 30-06-2015

    Outdoor Shading Solutions

    The sheer volume and choice of shading and weather protection for outdoor areas these days is overwhelming for sure, but

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