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A Samson 5500 Awning installation for the Homestead Cafe

The initial contact was made in September 2022 and followed with a careful survey. The suggested solution is the Samson 5500 awning, a versatile and fully cassette awning that offers excellent coverage and stability. The awning is customised to match the café’s branding and provide effective advertisement opportunities on the valance.

Samson 5500 awning for a cafe bar

For a detailed description of this installation, the awning size is 3000mm x 2500mm and has 175mm wide valance. It also combines an electric left-hand motor for remote control, providing ease of use for café staff. Installed with the Somfy vibrabox sensor, it ensures that the awning can be retracted in case of strong winds, offering protection to both customers and the structure itself.

This awning is designed with super Dickson fabric in Ocean Blue colour (RAL 7264) and anthracite grey framework (RAL 7016) to align with the natural surroundings of the park. In addition, the printed text on the valanced showcases the café’s name prominently and it catches the attention of passers-by in the park- even from a distance. The valance acts as a canvas for branding, allowing the café to communicate its identity and attract potential customers.

 To extend the usability of the outdoor waiting area during cooler months, the café owner decided to include an Evergreen Heater with remote control. The heater provides warmth for both customers and staff in comfort, regardless of the weather.

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