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Markilux Syncra SeatingCreate a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in the open air inviting your customers in with this stylish solar shading and weather protection for large areas.

With Al fresco living and dining increasing in popularity, the need for sun and weather protection systems are required to meet the needs of the consumers.

They have to be flexible and versatile yet also stable and sturdy with a high utility value for your favourite spot outdoors in your patio or garden, hotel or restaurant.

For al fresco catering establishments where particularly large areas need to be equipped with sun and weather protection, the awning frame system Markilux Syncra is the perfect solution.

The Markilux Syncra does not require a wall for fixture and the installed folding-arm awnings can be operated independently of one another. In the open air but protected nevertheless, the Markilux Syncra offers a range of convincing solutions.

A large number of awning models in various specifications, as well as numerous optional accessories such as lighting, Shadeplus and a whole lot more, can be chosen to complement the Markilux Syncra.

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Syncra 2 Fix

The awnings frame system with round shaped support posts for two folding-arm awnings. Stylish protection from the sun and the vagaries of the weather catering for large areas. A large number of models are available. This system is bolted onto a concrete pad required for each support post to ensure the most stable support in high winds. Available in single systems up to 7 metres wide and with a couple of 4 metre awnings (8m) you have 56 square metres of cover in one system!
Markilux Syncra 2 fixed framework system

Syncra 2 Uno fix

The awnings frame system with round shaped support posts for one folding-arm awning.

The Markilux Syncra fix is the solution for those buildings where the customer either do not want an awning to be installed or it is simply not possible to do so. Once again, it does require a solid foundation on which to bolt but is then independent of the building structure. 7 metres in one width of system and awnings with a projection up to 4 metres are available.
Syncra 2 uno fix

Syncra 2 flex

Stable, free-standing awning frames with attractively shaped aluminium posts showing exceptional purity of design.

The boxes, weighted for stability, (shown in the illustration below) can be decorated in your own individual style and can be put to many uses – seating, decorative or flowerbeds. Nearly a ton of ballast is required in either box for ultimate stability in stronger winds.

syncra 2 flex butterfly awning

Syncra 2 Uno flex

The practical awning stand for one folding-arm awning. It can be placed wherever you like. This is an alternative to face fixture.

The boxes, weighted for stability (shown in the illustration below) can be decorated in your own individual style and can be put to many uses and overcome the situations where there really is no structural fixings to be used in the building or when the height of the bulding is too low.

syncra uno flex

Choice of Fabrics

You may choose from all the fabric ranges in the current Markilux collection made from Sunvas SNC and Sunsilk SNC including the Visutex fabric series. Furthermore, there are also waterproof, flame-resistant fabrics made from Sunsilk Perla FR and Sunvas Perla available at a surcharge specifically for commercial use.


Different Markilux awnings are available to choose from. The awnings are delivered as standard with a gearbox and a stainless steel winding handle. If desired, the awnings can be fitted with a hard-wired or radio-controlled motor with Markilux remote control operation as optional accessory. There are timers, sun, wind and rain sensors also for ensuring the awning is used safely and offers the best all year round protection. 

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