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With the seasons changing, businesses are having to adapt once more to the colder, wetter weather and the longer, darker nights. Commercial Awnings are experts at providing outdoor shading and shelter solutions that work for your business and their guests, visitors or customers. All of our products are of only the highest quality, and any products we choose to offer are by market-leading, trusted manufacturers. Combine this with our expert team, and efficient and friendly installers, and we offer an unparralled service.

Any offers that appear in the following section have been chosen specifically for the benefits they can provide businesses and to highlight products that we believe would be of a benefit to a wide range of  locations.

For more information on any of these offers, please contact us on 0800 328 6250, or email

Offer 1 - Large savings on May Umbrellas

Nay Umbrellas Offer BannerMay are a leading company in the world of commercial parasols or umbrellas. A German company founded in 1983, May have expanded and now sell their products worldwide, with a reputation for making the highest-quality umbrellas suitable for both domestic and commercial use. May continue to innovate 35 years after their creation, and now sell different models of side supported and centre pole umbrellas in different shapes, with sizes ranging from a possible 1.5m² on the Schatello, to the 10m round parasol that is possible with the Albratross.

May Umbrellas are a hugely diverse commercial solution, suitable for a number of different types of business. Hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants are generally where they are most often requested, with the ability to comfortably and easily accommodate customers and guests in their outdoor space regardless of weather an obvious attraction. Sports centres and facilities, and schools are another area experiencing growth in using commercial umbrellas however, and they can honestly be adapted to any setting. The ability to have your branding on the umbrella is another factor, and is a reason large companies often choose to use commercial umbrellas for their outside space.

For a limited time only, get huge discounts on May Umbrellas, only during this Autumn and Winter, and save compared to buying at other times of the year. Get more information by calling us on 0800 328 6250 or email us at

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