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The Weinor PergoTex is a retractable roof cover system, consisting of fabric and aluminium. The roof system is electrically operated, opening and closing simply at the push of a button. 

The versatile folding roof system blurs the line between a patio awning and a fixed terrace cover, providing the benefits of both products. Sun protection and ample shade are provided by the retractable roof, which doubles as protection from rain.

The structure is wind-resistant up to 8 on the Beaufort Scale, strengthened by robust aluminium transoms. Weinor's PergoTex also features integral guttering, designed to channel and control any rain that falls, rather than allow it to pour freely over the front elevation.

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A Weinor PergoTex effectively blends the great outdoors with your place of business, offering you a space to enjoy the comforts of inside, in the atmosphere of being outside. Enjoy the weather, without the risk of rain or too much sun. 

A PergoTex can also be fitted with integral lighting, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space through the evening and retain revenue that mat be lost if the space became too dark for customers to enjoy.

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Fitting and Installation

Weinor Pergotex in GardenThe front posts of the PergoTex can either be concreted or screwed onto a patio flooring, depending the construction circumstances.

A single PergoTex can be installed up to 7 metres wide, although these can be coupled to create much larger installations. The structure can project up to 6.5 metres from the back wall, and even create a gable roof when two are coupled back-to-back.

The PergoTex can also be closed in, using a range of systems. Glass sliding doors, vertical blinds, fabric side screens and fixed glass elements can all be used to fill in the side of a Weinor PergoTex, allowing you to create the perfect retractable roof system for your garden, to your specific requirements. Whichever direction the sun comes from, a PergoTex can be tailor-made to offer shade and protection, whilst simultaneously creating a cool and inviting space for your home.

Optional Extras

Commercial Dining Use for PergotexAs mentioned previously, a PergoTex can be fitted with integral lighting as an option, allowing your patio space to be used late into the night. These LED lights are also fully dimmable, helping you to control the atmosphere and ambience underneath your PergoTex. 

For added privacy and sun protection, consider the VertiTex. Using light and permeable fabrics, the VertiTex adds a level of privacy if one side is overlooked, but doubles as an additional shading device. Through the use of Weinor's intuitive fabrics, the PergoTex remains airy and fresh, rather than getting stuffy under the sun. The housing for the VertiTex is minimal and unobtrusive, meaning there is little impact on the visual style of the PergoTex. 

Heating is another option, as seen pictured, particularly suited to keeping you warm on those colder evenings. Weinor's Tempura heating offers instant heat, with dimmable controls to increase the control you have on the temperature in your PergoTex. The Tempura is also energy efficient, meaning you can keep warm without harming your energy bill. 

Lighting and Heating options are all electrically controlled, but can also be controlled by smartphone and device, through Weinor's BiEasy app! 

Electrical leads can be installed through the guttering and support posts, meaning additional products can be supplied with electricity, like radiant heaters, garden lighting or water pumps for example.

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