Weinor introduces 5 trendy arcylic patterns for extra wide fabric awnings

Weinor, our leading manufacturer in innovative sun protection solutions, has just unveiled an exciting addition to its collection – 5 brand new acrylic patterns for extra-wide fabrics. These patterns are designed to not only provide seamless vertical sun protection but also add a touch of style and sophistication to any outdoor space.

5 brand new arcylic patterns

5 new trendy grey colour for awnings from weinor

The new fabrics are perfect for use with Weinor's Valance Plus or VertiTex II vertical sun protection systems, boasting a height exceeding 1.50 meters for enhanced coverage. Customers can now choose from a selection of trendy patterns, all available at the same price as the existing fabrics in the "my collections 2" awning fabric collection.

What sets these fabrics apart is their long-lasting colour brilliance, achieved through spinneret dyeing, and high-quality finish, ensuring lasting attractiveness even after prolonged exposure to the elements. With patterns ranging from chic greys to warm sands and classic beiges, there's something to suit every taste and outdoor decoration.

Other options?

For those with specific requirements, Weinor also offers certain discontinued patterns from previous collections for heights exceeding 1.50 meters, available upon request. Additionally, customers can rest assured that Weinor's StarScreen and Soltis® screens collections will continue to be available for larger heights, providing not only sun protection but also privacy, glare reduction, and varying degrees of light and air permeability.

If you have any questions about the new wide fabrics, feel feel to reach out our dedicated team for assistance. Call us today at 01933 448854 or send us a message to find out more and get a quote.



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