Transform Your Business’s Outdoor Space

Now is the time to enhance your unused space outside!

The current situation has urgently called for durable shade and shelter products in outdoor spaces, not only due to social distancing guidelines, but also the desirability in being seated outside, in the fresh air.

Although we have been lagging behind our European friends in terms of outdoor dining, the importance of this lifestyle is upon us now more than ever. Effective heating and lighting systems now allow us to expand businesses into their outdoor spaces not only during warmer periods, but also when the breeze picks up and the year enters autumn. There is a truly impressive range of outdoor living products now available, from umbrellas and awnings to more comprehensive designs that can create a completely enclosed and shaded area.


Commercial umbrella for restaurant

Our commercially specified umbrellas are available in a fantastic range of sizes, colours and shapes to suit various applications to provide comfortable shading during the summer months. We also have models that can be equipped with speakers, lighting and heating to utilise the umbrella into the night.

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Retractable Awnings

Commercial retractable awnings for shops, restaurants and outside dining

Create convenient shading when the sun is blazing, and simply retract into the discreet cassette when not in use. With various colours and fabric designs available, retractable awnings are an increasingly popular choice for businesses throughout the UK.

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Butterfly Awnings

Commercial Butterfly Awnings for outdoor dining areas

An aesthetically pleasing free-standing system, the butterfly awning offers effective shading from the sun, as well as shelter from the rain. Our range of butterfly awnings offers durable and sturdy systems that look and work great in many outdoor spaces.

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Freestanding Awnings

Markilux Markant freestanding awning for high end restaurants

If you require a freestanding system with a little more character than a butterfly awning or umbrella, the Markant is the ultimate product to be considered. The awning can be entirely open or retracted, and can also be specified with zipped, material side screens to create extra shading or even an entirely enclosed space.

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Glass Verandas

Glass Veranda covering a restaurant outdoor seating area

If you’re simply looking to shelter your customers from the rain, a glass veranda is a smart and sleek choice that can be finished in a choice of colours, with various designs available. For the ultimate outdoor experience, glass verandas can be equipped with blinds to offer shading when the sun is out, too!

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