The new Weinor Semina Life & Life LED - 3rd October 2017

The Semina Life is a brand new extension of the already existing Weinor Semina line. It's a full cassette awning which not only looks great, but is also technically impressive.

Aesthetically, the Semina Life's clear and modern design is difficult to beat. There is a choice of over 150 fabric patterns, with a state of the art nanotechnology ensuring that dirt simply rolls right off. 

There is also 200 frame colours to choose from. 50 of these colours come as standard, howver there are 150 additional RAL colours to choose from as an extra. The powder coating for these is all done at the in-house factory, ensuring the highest quality finish. The stainless steel headplate rings on the side of the cassette provide a visual highlight and enhance the customised combination of the frame colour with fabric pattern.

The Weinor LongLife Arm has a high tension force, which protects against even incredibly windy conditions, and allows the awning to have a maximum projection of 6.5 metres x 4 metres.

Alongside this, the Semina Life has a host of extras. The Semina Life LED has, as the name suggests, warm white LED lighting built into the casette, which can be dimmed and brightened as needed. Alongside this, there is also the Tempura heating system which utilises infrared lighting systems.

With the motor drive system, and the weinor BiConnect radio control, the system is easily operated, and you can even use the BiEasy app to  operate the system via your phone or tablet.



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