NEW Weinor VertiTex II - 14th February 2018

Weinor VertiTex II

Introducing the new VertiTex II: the ultimate awning for sun protection!

The VertiTex II’s vertical system provides the perfect protection from the stifling summer sun, creating a more comfortable and private area. With three different operative mechanisms available, zip, rail and rope, you are able to choose the perfect style for your patio or living space depending on its own features and requirements.

Weinor VertiTex II









The design of the vertical awning is extremely versatile, meaning that it can be fitted almost anywhere, including balconies, patio roofs, windows, a conservatory and pergola awnings.

Three Versions


To guide the fabric sideways, a zip is available to offer a more wind-resistant vertical awning, meaning the fabric is pulled tighter, leaving no light gap. Although every version of the VertiTex II is wind-resistant, the zip would be the wisest choose if wind is a concern.


Suitable for universal use, the fabric of the awning is led within the rail, leaving a small light gap between the fabric and rail.


The VertiTex II Rope provides a delicate appearance, and can also be indented if it is not possible to fit it on the sides, where necessary.

Weinor VertiTex II









Appearance Options


Screens by Weinor consists of fantastic fabrics that offer privacy and sun protection, and are available in varying transparencies depending on how much air and light you would like to pass through the material.

The VertiTex II can be suitably harmonised to the aesthetic of your property, with various patterns available, a great choice of 47 standard RAL colours for the fabric and over 200 frame colours. The design of the awning can be shaped depending on your preference either round or square, with no fixings visible.


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