Markilux MX-1 and MX-1 Compact

The Markilux MX-1 is the very latest product launch from the world market leading awning manufacture. It is a bold mixture of style and functionality with the added benefits of various lighting options using only the latest LED technology of course.

The full cassette on the MX-1 is a full 620mm deep when closed providing a solid and stylish canopy over any doorway or glazed area. Forget discreet, this is meant to be seen (and with the LED lighting options available, it will be seen), and used as an important tool for providing outside ambient or full on lighting in medium to large areas.

This awning is only available as an electric operated system taking away the sometimes prolonged decision about whether your awning should be manual or electric operated. As with all Markilux awnings this is made to measure in every way, right up to the maximum 7000mm wide and with a 4370mm projection. A massive awning by any reckoning. There is a choice of front profile colours and the lounge design options are also there too. The awning is of course a full cassette model, and the cassette in aluminium is available in all the superb Markilux colour options as well as bespoke if required. The front profile houses an optional LED lighting system providing a fantastic light ambiance, all dimmable if required with a remote control technology.

The MX-1 Compact is a slightly more discreet version with only a 380mm deep projection when closed but with the same parameters of fabric awning cover.

Both models have the option of the Markilux Shade Plus system to provide up to 1700mm of fabric depth in the front profile for shading or prvacy at the touch of a renote control button on your handset. With prices starting from £2,900 and up to £7,200 (not including accessories) this is a Markilux awning to take a good look at if you want technology and style on your property, whilst making a bold statement with lighting and colours.



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