Markilux Infrared Heater for Comfort on Cold Nights

The Markilux Infrared Heater is designed to work with awnings and conservatories, providing a relaxing, cosy environment.

The great advantage with this heater is that it requires no heat up time whatsoever, and they can be provided with remote-control operation to make them even more convenient. They’re designed to evenly disperse heat among an area of 9m up to 12m². By focusing the heat on a specific area, you get the desired warmth quickly, rather than wasting heat on unused air. When compared to a quartz heater or a traditional gas heater, you can save as much as 30% in heating costs, while the approximate life of a Markilux infrared heating unit is around 5200 hours.

The system is very easy to install, while it can be attached to a wall or fitted with awning-specific bracket sets. The Hotcap model is freestanding, mounted on a mast, so it’s not constricted to awning or conservatory use, but you still get a heater that takes away the bite of the British winter breeze. The Hotspot model combines both lighting and heating systems to create one very practical, mood stimulating awning or conservatory accessory.

Our Markilux heaters are available with Philips HeLeN lamps on request, offering immediate heat and quiet operation. To find out more about the Markilux heaters, call Samson Awnings today on 01933 274276.


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