Introducing: Plaza Viva - 14th February 2018

Optimise your outdoor space with the new Weinor Plaza Viva, the new textile pergola awning that allows you to enjoy your outdoor space not only all day long, but into the night too. Don’t let the weather or time of day cut social occasions short; although effective at creating shaded space for guests, the Plaza Viva can also provide the area with weather-proof and wind-proof protection to allow commercial events to continue with not only ease, but style.

Weinor Plaza Viva Awning

Weather Protection 

Allow the luxurious experience of the Plaza Viva to optimise the space and time outdoors.

Rain Protection

There is no need to cut your time outside short, as you won’t be getting wet during a shower under the Plaza Viva. The awning’s telescopic post allows you to lower the awning appropriately, and the material is water repellent, allowing rain to simply drain off.

Wind Protection

Weinor’s Plaza Viva boasts great stability, allowing it to sustain itself during strong gusts of wind thanks to the two posts at the front of the awning. The Plaza Viva OpiStretch version holds the fabric tight, preventing it from bellowing in the wind.

Weinor Plaza Viva Awning

Attention to Detail

  • Appearance

The sleek and modern appearance of the Plaza Viva is achieved by its slimline, contemporary design. Only materials of the highest quality are used during the manufacturing of the awning, and is made so that barely any fixings are visible. The fabric choice is vast, with a plethora of fabric patterns to suit your requirements, as well as 50 standard colours and over 150 RAL colours available to select from.

  • Durable: The awning cassette protects the fabric and component parts from the elements
  • Quiet, smooth operation: the awning fabric sustains its usage and positioning due to the tension system
  • Includes new flat rope and Weinor carriage system which allows for quiet operation
  • LED spotlights available for relaxed, ambient evenings
  • Heating systems available to allow the awning to be used when the night and breeze starts to draw in
  • Optional control via hand transmitter, sensor or smartphone application


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