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Glass Solutions for wind and rain protection all year round

When it comes to creating an outdoor area for entertaining, eating, or simply just relaxing, the emphasis is usually on maximum light and vision. What better way to achieve this than with glass?

We offer various solutions to creating a barrier to sun, wind and rain, using fabric, acrylic and other materials. Glass, however, is definitely the preferred material to use when it comes to side screens and barriers to wind and rain.

Whether you are looking for a solution that slides sideways or rises vertically, we have options for both methods and all of them are bespoke in sizing and type of glass used.


Sliding Glass Doors

Maximum light and vision from a frameless glass panel system offering a very wide range of sizes.

Each frameless glass panel glides on an aluminium bottom track to enable partial or full opening, with the glass panels stacked behind each other at one end. Locking is possible with various handle sets and locking methods and optional discreet brush seals are available for use either as a winter set up or for use on the prevailing wind side to reduce draughts between the glass panels.

The glass elements can be integrated not only as additions for terrace roofs, but also in many other areas. The versatile and customisable elements can be used for balcony glazing, as additions to any type of fixed or retractable terrace roof, to design fascinating entry ways and high-quality wind and privacy screens, even in challenging installation situa­tions. The glass elements are not module elements, but are planned and designed individually for every application. They are made of aluminium and glass, and are assembled with top-quality workmanship. This makes the durable glass elements weather resistant and very easy to care for.

Erhardt Markisen Sliding Glass Panels Erhrdt Markisen Veranda with Glass Panels

The glass can be combined with optional aluminium double skinned panels which are generally used at lower level, and these can help create more insulation and privacy where required. We can also offer a traditional hinged door within one of these aluminium panels if it suits the application better.

The all-glass sliding elements can be used both as glass door fronts or as glass window fronts. The floor tracks for the door elements can be recessed into the floor to provide barrier-free access.

High-quality ball bearings in the sliding elements mean they move with an extremely light touch while ensuring lasting functionality. The glass sliding elements can run on the 2 or 5-railed tracks either in­dividually or in pairs, which makes lengths of up to 10 metres possible. The frameless door elements can be pushed aside using a refined mechanism to reveal fantastic views.

The glass sliding elements are delivered as standard with an easy-to-operate door lock in an elegant stainless steel look.

Weinor Folding Glass Panels Weinor Sliding Glass Panels

Options are available from both Weinor and Erhardt Markisen, two market leading German companies who specialise in high-quality made to measure awnings, verandas and outdoor rooms.


Rising Glass Barriers

Controlling your environment at the push of a button with the Luderitz rising glass barrier system. A balcony, terrace or even covered pergola or veranda can be made far more comfortable and usable with a system capable of offering protection from wind and rain whilst maintaining the highest levels of vision and light.

Take control and adjust the amount of air flow with the rising glass barrier section, these systems provide protection from wind and rain all year round. They are also easy to use due to having manual or electric operation models, with two different Somfy electric motors able to be used.

These systems all come in made to measure sizes and can be joined together for wider applications with limitless widths. They are usually split into two or three horizontal sections depending on requirements, and secured to the ground using plates.

There are options for aluminium framework colours and finishes, and the glass can be changed for 6mm safety glass, 5mm frosted or fumed glass, and more.

Luderitz System at Restaurant and Bar Luderitz System at Riverside Hotel

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