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The Highfield, Edgbaston

The challenge for this installation was to provide much needed shelter from hot sun rays through an 11m run of bi-fold doors where we were not allowed to attach to the building at any point.

The site is in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

There are many occasions where a building will not allow a retractable awning system to be installed, due to either insufficient strength in the building itself, or a lack of space above sliding or bi folding doors. These types of doors are very popular in the UK but after installation many people realise how hot the room will now become with all the extra sunlight pouring in.

When there is nothing to fix an awning to, the Markilux Syncra framework system is ideal as it allows a ‘goalpost’ type arrangement to be created and then any of the Markilux products can be installed to this. In this installation al the strength required for this is coming from the ground where the Syncra system has been installed to.

We installed a Markilux Syncra Uno Fix combined with a Markilux 5010 full cassette coupled awning to achieve the required result.

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