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Tebuta Caiatina Restaurant - Italy

This recent installation is an excellent example of how to use a Gibus Med Twist system in a commercial dining setting.

Louvre Roof System used for a restaurant

Caiazzo is a town in Caserta, a province north of Naples in Southern Italy, which is famous for great wine and fantastic food, and is in a picturesque location surrounded by mountains and fields.  Nestled here is the Tenuta Caiaitina restaurant, where they serve high quality cuisine, with a lean towards wedding celebrations and formal get togethers.

Due to the frequent attendance of more demanding guests, the owners decided they needed a reliable structure that mixed a hugely impressive appearance with fantastic technical features. The Gibus Med Twist is perfect for exactly these kind of needs.
Bepoke dimensions, aluminium framework, built in rainwater guttering, retractable side and remote control roof and lights are just the highlights of this fantastic pergola type commercial specification system.

The adjustable and tilting blades that make up the roof can be opened or closed at will in order to make the most of a perfect Summers night, or protect from Autumn or Winter showers. The system has been enclosed with sliding glass doors that enable the sides to be opened or closed effortlessly, opening up to a fantastic looking outdoor area and providing open air flow or protection from wind and rain.

Inside of a Restaurant using Gibus Med bioclimatic Systems led lighting in the louvre roof blades
superb aesthetics on the aluminium framework system used

let the light and air in when rotating the louvre blades on the roof

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