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Samson P35 Domestic Installation

Whilst a domestic installation, this provides a great example of a veranda or roof system where different projections are required throughout the span.

Domestic Poly Carbonate Installation

As the pictures show, this was made nesessary by the shape of the building. Solving this means a specially designed veranda. The P35 is ideal for this due to it's ease of fitting and large projection possibilities, with up to 5 metres of projection. As well as this, it also has an unlimited length, so it can run along entire lengths of buildings with no issues, as shown here. With many town centres consisting of oddly shapped buildings that have been slowly expanded in different directions. Systems like these can be used to fill in those gaps and can be designed with different projections making even difficult shapes possible.

Consisting of a fully aluminium frame, the P35 is strong, and this is only increased with reinforced roof bars. The roof also contains 35mm shatter resistant seven wall polycarbonate sheets that are UV protected, The entire system is so strong that if there is an emergency, the roof can be walked on with the use of boards.

Alongside being practical the Samson P35 also looks great. There is the choice of any RAL colour, and it can be customised to meet your businesses colour scheme. Special finishes are also available and these can include a metallic gold, black marble effect, woodgrain, and even neon colours for those really looking to stand out. 

The P35 can also be fitted with LED lighting systems to allow you spend time outside further into the year. Alongside this, we also have infrared heating systems which can be fitted, which not only save up to 30% on energy costs compared to normal heaters, but take no time at all to warm up.

For more information on the Samson P35, please click here.

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