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Platform 5 Pub Installation

This Cheadle Hulme based company have a dynamic partnership with Frontier Restaurant Group which is developing some exciting new pubs and restaurants across the North West of England.

Markilux Syncra Pub Installation

The requirement was for some sun and light rain protection for customers and their families with a high level of aesthetic value. For this reason a multiple 'Butterfly Awning’ installation was preferred, which would be extremely eye catching from the busy main road to attract both locals and visitors in this popular resort.

The Markilux Syncra framework is about the best available for robust reliability, style in the aluminium profiling, and the superb finish options. This is a framework capable of any weather at all with the only management needed for the actual fabric awnings and as in most cases when the awnings are electric operated we provide a wind sensor to ensure the awnings are retracted in unsuitably high winds.

This particular Syncra butterfly awning system is typical of many similar large outdoor areas in pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants where the much larger outdoor seating area available for years is under used because there is a lack of cover from sunshine. The Markilux Syncra can be fitted with an almost endless amount of lighting and heating elements to further enhance the comfort factor and encourage customer to stay for many more hours than they would have, whilst also attracting new customers once the word gets out about how nice the beer garden is at the establishment.

The Syncra differs from many other butterfly awning systems as it has a far higher wind rating, and is really the only butterfly awning system suitable for the UK weather. Having been developed in Northern Germany, where the weather is so similar to our own, this is not a system based purely on calm and sunshine filled days (which are rare in the UK but when they do come the heat can also be unbearable to us).

Underview of Butterfly Awning Syncra Flex Pub Installation
Markilux Syncra butterfly awning system Installation of Markilux Syncra

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