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Caffe Macondo, Italy - Cafe

Without a doubt one of the more visually striking installations, this Gibus installation created a space for customers to comfortably enjoy their surroundings, whilst being able to protect them from wind and rain.

Caffe Macondo Med Room Header

Choosing a Med Room has created an outdoor seating area at the front of the cafe, increasing the capacity and the visibility of the business. The stylish structure attracts patrons, simultaneously demonstrating an inviting appearance and comfortable atmosphere.

In favourable weather, the room can be opened up by retracting the roof to create an airy and refreshing space, letting the Italian sunlight pour in. In less desireable conditions, the roof can be closed. Due to the design of the Med Room, any rainwater is deftly dealt with, chanelled down drainage systems in the supporting legs. Clear side panels can also be closed to increase the weatherproofing, keeping customers and furniture dry, whilst still allowing visibility and light into the space. The drop awnings are simple and easy to operate, meaning they can be closed and opened quickly when needed. 

Lighting has been installed into the roof, meaning the space can be illuminated when required, attracting further customers in the evening. The combination of lighting and side panels has helped to create a space that can be used at any time, day or night, throughout the whole year. 

For more infortmation on the Gibus Med Rooms, please click here.

Side View of the Caffe Macondo Gibus System Caffe Macondo with Opened Gibus Med System
View across the Med Room System at Caffe Macondo Close up of fabric and LED lights in Med System

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