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Attilio Beach Pleasure Club, Italy - Bar

This installation of a Gibus Med Room has been completed to extend the seating area of a popular beach resort in Italy. The stylish structure blends beautifully with the existing architecture, and does not feel out of place on the majestic Italian coastline. 

The Med Room offers protection from sun and rain, through the use of the retractable roof. When required, the roof can be fully retracted to open the seating area to the elements, which can let the sunshine pour into the space. Being able to control whether the space is indoors or outdoors gives the business owner complete control over the conditions.

This particular installation features integrated LED lighting in the roof, meaning the area can be illuminated in the evenings, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. This atmosphere also helps to attract additional customers to the business, by looking unique, inviting, and exciting. 

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