Never has it been more important for a successful cafe, bar or restaurant to offer customers al-fresco eating and drinking areas on their premises. With al-fresco dining on the increase in the UK, more people are dining outside and choosing to enjoy the open spaces.

For an eatery, the option of an outdoor space can increase the capacity if the weather conditions are suitable, attracting passers-by and increasing footfall. We offer a wide range of awnings and alternatives that can provide a vital area to any restaurant wishing to stand out and stay competitive in the UK dining market. 

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Not only does an awning create an extra space, it can also make a superb feature promoting more outdoor functions and parties, as well as taking up more visual real estate. The awnings themselves can be altered to include promotional materials, logos and branding, further enhancing the visual appeal and impact of your premises. 

We specialise in awnings of all sizes, for use in the catering and entertainment world, with an enormous range of products for every requirement and occasion.

For large areas we offer supported retractable fabric structures, with side channels designed to direct rainwater away. The design of these awnings helps to maintain a taught fabric cover, even when the sizes are far larger than a non-supported normal awning.

Stylish framework systems are available for a strong, reliable and attractive support system for stand-alone systems. This framework is also suitable for where there is little or nothing to affix to on the existing building, which is common on older buildings.

For applications in a restaurant or dining environment, we recommend an MX-1, a Pergola, or a Syncra

Suitable Products

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